wSep 19, 2006

i want to keep destroying lies

I feel much less stressed out about school so far this week, which I view as a good thing. Hopefully I can just keep everything under control.

It's been pretty cool here lately. Early today, it was perfect weather - I love it when there is sun out, but it's still cool enough that you need a sweatshirt to be comfortable. It's my favorite weather. However, it kept getting colder. Right now it's only 50 or something, but since we don't have the heat on yet (like, it's only September!) my room is frickin' freezing. I'm huddled over my laptop on my bed right now in flannel pajamas pants and the hood of my sweatshirt pulled over my head, and still shivering. I think I'll have to bust out all of my blankets and make a big nest when I go to sleep tonight, :O

Riding the bus all of the time is kind of nice because I get a lot of manga-reading done. I don't like reading stuff for school when standing around because my attention isn't focused, and it's broken into little chunks. The same problem arises when reading novels - I don't like to be interrupted by glancing up to see whether or not the bus has come/etc. But manga is totally okay. Especially when rib cages burst out of people's chests and I get to horrify the sorority girls who happen to sit next to me on the bus.

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