wSep 21, 2006


There are small things. There are always small things. For example, it's almost 1:30 am and I'm trying to slog through this huge Poli Sci reading after falling asleep this afternoon and later tonight when Antoine was over. Did I mention yet that our professor told us that thus far, 34% of the original class dropped? Yeah.... Yeah.

But life is pretty damn awesome right now.

(EDIT at 1:40: Wow. Not only do I suck, but this reading sucks! It's all about mathematically analyzing political campaign, like, "If we assume that Candidate X can adopt any position regarding issue y, and L is a function of pheta in the quadratic form, where pheta is any monotonically increasing function of its argument. Note that if A = I, the citizen's indifference contours remain cocentric circles under the transformation pheta." WTF, we are Poli Sci majors and I haven't had a real math course since I was 17! I'm looking at graphs of like, 3-D bowl-shaped things that I'm pretty sure I never even learned how to make in Pre-Calc. I'm giving up, and will spend lecture hiding in the back.)

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scribbled mystickeeper at 1:24 AM

o_o Sounds frickin scary. math doesn't belong in the real world :K

teh heart.


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