wAug 26, 2006

A New Beginning

I'm here, in my house. The Internet is working (obviously). I think I'll blog more once I'm coherent - possibly tomorrow once I've had my shower. But for now, know that today has been a good day.

I'll probably upload pictures as soon as I feel like my room is about as put together as it's going to be. Right now it's very scattered and making me mad. I hadn't realized how much space I have up here. I'm not good at interior design things like Steph is - maximizing space and whatever. But hopefully, I can make a space that maximizes its potential for me and any friends who decide to come over.

Also, I've been here about 12 hours, and am already absolutely certain that I didn't bring enough books.

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scribbled mystickeeper at 1:33 AM


Glad you lived through your move-in trip!

I can't wait to see pictures. MOAH!


By Blogger Ogre, at 11:22 AM, August 26, 2006  

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