wAug 24, 2006

I love the sound of rain.

I feel so weird right now. I'm moving back to college tomorrow, moving into a house I'll be sharing with 3 friends. Most of my stuff is packed into plastic totes....There are still some things that need to be packed up tomorrow morning. My room is so bare...it's really creeping me out. But now that I have a house, I just take more things with me.

I feel sad to be leaving my family, and my friends that were here. Ryan and I spent most of today together, watching the end of the anime "Monster" and then an episode of Battlestar Galactica to remind ourselves why we love it so much.

I feel I should say a few words regarding "Monster," since I invested 74 episodes' worth of time into it. The best way to describe the series as a whole would definitely be "psychological thriller." It starts off great, and it ends great, too. There are secrets and mysteries and revelations lying between episodes 1 and 74, and having seen it all, you become fully aware of how every detail had to have been planned since episode 1. I must admit, though, that watching the series was like riding the curve on a sinusoidal graph. Depending on which batch of episodes you were watching, the series was either really, really good or really, really boring.
The characters are very well-developed, and grow both physically and emotionally as the series progresses, something that makes me respect any show immensely (Honey & Clover, Grey's Anatomy, and Battlestar Galactica all do it well).
Is the show worth it? I would say yes, although you really have to pace yourself. It doesn't reward you as easily as other shows do - it takes a while, and you have to take pleasure in 'small' things, such as how they're able to introduce probably the widest cast of characters I've ever seen in an anime, all well-developed.
It's worth it, but be warned that at times, you won't be able to watch one episode without immediately watching the next 4. Conversely, it will sometimes be painful to get through a single episode.
Is it worth it? Yes. It's really good at teaching life lessons without being preachy. Also, I still get shivers thinking about the ending, :D

Back to my life.
For whatever reason, my parents decided it would be easiest to pack everything into the cars tomorrow morning. This includes bringing the bed up out of the basement. So....it'll be interesting, to say the least.

Add to this the fact that both my parents are coming down to help me, as are Julie and Kevin. Also, for whatever reason, we are taking 3 cars. My car because it's staying there, my dad's truck, and Julie/Kevin's van.
Nextel phones have this feature called a 'walkie-talkie' in which that's basically how your phone functions - it's loud enough for everyone around you to hear it. Also, it doesn't count toward your minutes. Also, Kevin says you can have a 'group connect' connecting as many phones as you want.
Julie has gleefully pointed out that this means all three cars can communicate with each other for the entire 2.5 hour drive. She might even be willing to drive with my father (I'm sure he'll want no part in it) so that his truck can participate.
So....I think anyone who's met me or any member of my family can imagine how that's going to turn out (oh, God!).

Moving is going to be even more interesting if it's thunderstorming all day both here and in Madison.

This was a good summer. I think I definitely did the best I could to maximize my time. I made money (however modest the amount), I raised my GPA, I spent time with friends, I read a lot, and was still able to watch Grey's Anatomy and lots of anime.

And what's next? Living in a house instead of the dorms, possibly getting a job, hopefully enjoying all my classes' content and trying my damndest to get straight As, being President of Anime Club (wtf), still working with the Cardinal, hopefully getting more involved with church so I can meet more friends there, hopefully writing stories a lot more, visiting high school friends during the year, and etc. Add to this trying my damndest to start making a plan for after college....and hopefully this year will be the best one yet.

So, goodbye for now. I don't know how soon Internet will be hooked up. Worse case scenario is waiting until the 30th/31st, but hopefully Kevin can get things set tomorrow. If nothing else, it looks like Louise was able to blog by leeching off someone else's wireless, :)

Current Music: Split - Suneohair (pretty appropiate for moving away, :/)
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Good luck moving Jackie.

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