wJul 21, 2006

love is not a victory march

Woke up feeling shitty, and ready to vomit all day. Still, the day set out to bitch-slap me into a good mood. It turned out to be a pretty okay-day. My dad leaves tomorrow, and my mom Saturday, for their week-long vacation Up North. I'm looking forward to spending a week alone (except for, you know, all the time I'm with other people).

ShopKo called me and left messages for me when I was at my other job/internship today, wondering if I'm going to the "Star Rally" tomorrow at 7:00 in the frickin' morning (I'M GOING TO GO WITH NO!). Maybe if I got more than 10 hours per week, I'd be more inclined to go. As it stands....no.

So President Bush vetoed a bill to provide funding for stem-cell research and the Congress upheld the veto. Louise has shared some heart-felt thoughts on the topic as a person afflicted with diabetes. More importantly, the post is very well-written. You should read it. Even though the vote already happened, you should contact your congressional representative to let them know how you feel about the way they voted. I called mine, which was amusing as I interned in that office last summer. I laughed really hard when I got off of the phone because there was a very awkward pause when the person who'd answered the phone asked for my name after we'd discussed the issue for at least 3 full minutes.

In a bizarre twist, the city of Madison has come out with its next plan to combat the activities that crop at Halloween. Their plan? To make State Street a 'gated community' for the weekend and charge $5 admission. State Street from the Capitol to Lake Street will be blocked off with flexible plastic fencing wrapped around construction barrels. The gated area will have several access points staffed by police and private security personnel, along with ticket booths on both ends of the street and entertainment stages at the Capitol end and midway down State Street. The tickets are also limited to a number of 50,000.
All this is going to do is piss everybody off. So now everyone will show up sluttified, drunk, AND pissed.

Some of my classes have the books needed on the UW Bookstore's website. I need the Riverside Shakespeare for my Shakespeare class (duh). Now, I already own the complete works of Shakespeare, but the Riverside version has special footnotes and stuff and is considered a really good resource. The second edition is listed, but costs nearly $50 more than the first edition at Amazon.com. Do you guys think it matters which edition I get? Even if something that's only in the second edition is assigned (like a literary criticism - obviously Shakespeare didn't write any new plays), I can always copy it from the library, right? Would it be assinine to shoot an email to the professor and ask him, or would that just be annoying? Maybe I'll email the TA I had for Brit Lit last semester.

Every time I write a blog entry lately, I get to the end and feel like deleting everything I just wrote. This is probably why I never write stories any more.

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scribbled mystickeeper at 12:53 AM

Yeah, email the prof and ask her/him what s/he thinks. It can't hurt, and it's never a stupid question if it can save you $50.

Louise's post made me cry. T.T whore.

This is why nano is good for you. word count = good so nothing gets deleted NO MATTER WHAT!! RRRGH

wow, I'm grouchy. must be the "it's Friday 5pm and I'm still at work" thing.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:07 PM, July 21, 2006  

What's a star rally? Retail can make up some stupid shit.

Louise's blog entry was t3h pwn. Sad, heartfelt, and governmentally frustrating, but amazingly well composed.

Charging for Halloween? NOOOOOOOOOOS. While it'll probably help crowd control, it worries me that over the years this will escalate to theme park/summer fest status and we'll be paying 60 bucks just to get in =( I like the idea of having food/beverage venders and music could be so-so, but what worries me the most is that some drunken f*** from the University of Wyoming will go to riot on state street while I sit in my dorm room 2 blocks away because I can't get tickets just to see the costumes. I'm glad they're setting the boundry at Lake Street though, so we don't have to worry about getting in Humanities but still, it feels less open to the public. It's hard to say how people will react. Sometimes students get full of piss and vinegar and they'll either move the party date or move the party location (any of the streets mentioned in the article seem even more favorable to parties than state street), but at the same time, sometimes students just get apathetic, talk a bunch about it, and do nothing anyway. I'll be curious to see how it all turns out.

Just saying things like "state street" and "humanities" makes me a little excited to get back to big city life =) Even if class is involved (this excitement will change in 3 weeks when I'm wrapping up my first few days in house fellow training, I'm sure.

I'm sick of books, I want to get rid of the ones I have and buy no more, yet it's too difficult to shop online.

By Blogger Steph, at 4:10 PM, July 21, 2006  

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