wJul 23, 2006

I am hungry, yet too lazy to do anything about it. Yeah, I've got a tough life.

Firstly, me finding Battlestar Galactica music on the Internet and having the entire house to myself (parents went Up North for a week) results in much dancing and arm-flailing. Yes, it is as ridiculous as it sounds.

Now that I've established that mental image.....

If Israel is denying a full-scale ground invasion of Lebanon, then why are they knocking out their communications towers?

Today was a pretty good, even though all it consisted of was going to work and going to church. It was good to spend a day by myself. Especially because next week's going to suck. ShopKo decided that now was a good time to actually give me hours, so I work there 4 days next week, in addition to watching Danny on two days, in addition to getting at least 15 hours at my internship. Normally this would all be okay. Except that I really need to start hauling ass on the book/paper I need to do for my class/internship.

I think of things to write all day long, and then at the end of the day when I go to write them, they escape me. It is very sad.

I want to finish all of these books so that I can read all of the other books in my room! BOOKS! It's really too bad that I'm the one driving tomorrow when we go to the Renaissance Fair. That's like, 5 hours of reading right there. Gah, I don't know if I can drive 5 hours in one day. That's like driving to Madison and back in one day. ;_; IT BETTER BE WORTH IT.

Current Music: Prelude to War - Battlestar Galactica OST (from the episodes "Pegasus" and "Resurrection Ship") Holy crap, this song gives me the strongest desire to play snare drum again

EDIT: OMG, it's just a teaser, but the Neil Gaiman Beowulf movie has a webpage up. Anthony Hopkins and Angelina Jolie - but nevermind them because it's GRENDEL and HROTHGAR and....BEOWULF. Good shit.
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