wJul 21, 2006

Discounts and Star Wars

Today and tomorrow mark "Teammate Discount Day" at ShopKo, which means we get an extra 10% off. I've been gearing up all week, scouring the Sunday ads of every store. Why? Because ShopKo has a policy that they match the ads of any competitor. So did I show up at the check-out counter today with no less than 5 booklets of ads and a cart full of crap so that I could get competitors prices AND my limited 20% discount?? YOU BET YOUR ASS I DID. And I didn't feel bad about it at all because after all of the heinous customers who came through my line and have waited until after I scanned and subtotaled everything to tell me, "Oh yeah! I have an ad match!" Yeah. I didn't feel bad at all.

Case in point: A stack of 50 blank CDs by HP. Originally $19.99. Circuit City's ad had them on sale for $6.99. PLUS, 20% off of that with my discount. When I grow up, I am totally going to be the ultimate shopper.

Really, my 10-hours-per-week job provides no other benefits than the power of the teammate discount and the bi-weekly meager increases in my savings account.

Randomly: I am so sick of dealing with people. I want to be alone in my room for 48 hours. Actually, that would kick ass.

Julie and Kevin came to the realization that none of their children had ever seen a Star Wars movie (an appalling fact in our family), so tonight we watched the first movie (episode IV) with the kids. Olivia was very skeptical, having already seen "Spaceballs" (wtf, she's seven!) and being certain that it was better. Amelia didn't have much of a reaction (she was tired and loud and constantly fidgeting) other than "They have two eyes!" which was proclaimed whilst pointing at Jawas.

There is definite hope in Dylan, though. To appreciate the situation, you have to understand Dylan's nature. Dylan recently turned 5. He is the sweetest kid alive, but he also does not shut up. Ever. Every conversation with him is a string of five questions in a row, followed by three more before you can begin to answer any of them. Every night when the kids go in their bedrooms, Dylan goes in his room and plays with his toys by himself and talks. He stays up until 10:00 pm some nights (they usually get up at 6:00 am - Mia and Oliva go to bed around 8 on a regular night), but he is never crabby from staying up late.

So we put in Star Wars, and I think Dylan was a little taken aback by mine and Kevin's eagerness to answer his questions without exasperation (we're both kind of geeky about our Star Wars knowledge).
"That animal is a dewback!"
"That ship is a Y-Wing."
"Look, it's Wedge Antilles! Later on, they call this group of starfighters Rogue Squadron!"

Under normal circumstances, I find such displays of knowledge tiresome and useless because it is usually extremely annoying. But when speaking to a five-year-old child, it's okay.

When the movie was over, Olivia and Amelia were immediately put to sleep (Olivia willingly, and Amelia most unwillingly - slung over Kevin's shoulder with her curls bouncing down the hallway). Dylan was sitting on the couch, very deep in thought. "Dylan, did you like this movie?" I ask. "Yes! Jackie, is this your favorite movie? Do you like it? Have you seen it before?" I gleefully inform Dylan that there are 5 more movies, books, and video games. (*cackle*)

After Dylan is put in his bedroom, I'm getting ready to leave. He starts yelling "Dad!" as he always does from his room, usually to ask useless questions he already knows the answer to. He stands in the hallway.
"Dad, is Darth Vader going to be alive in the next movie?"
"Yes, Dylan."
"DAD! Is Darth Vader a Jedi?"
"Yes, Dylan. He's a bad Jedi."
"HE'S A SITH!" I yell.
"When is Yoda going to be in the movie? Is he going to fight with Darth Vader? Does Yoda have a lightsaber? Why is Darth Vader the Empire? Did Luke's friend die?"

Also, I'd like to say that EVERY TIME I watch this movie, I always forget that Han and Chewie come back in the end. So every time it gets down to Luke, I'm always like, "Shit! How the hell is he going to pull this off?!" and then I nearly cry when Han comes. HAN SOLO = THE SHIT.

Now I must play KOTOR: II. Adieu.

Current Music: KotOR II theme music in 5 seconds
scribbled mystickeeper at 10:58 PM

oh man
han solo is such a badass.

archetypical badass bad good guy.

By Blogger MARC, at 4:49 AM, July 22, 2006  

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By Blogger Steph, at 11:42 AM, July 22, 2006  

Han Solo is, has been, and will always be "t3h 53><."

*Major typos caused me to delete the first version of this post, so for the ugliness*

By Blogger Steph, at 11:44 AM, July 22, 2006  

Oh Han Solo. I'm glad your indoctrinating your nephew early- IT'S NEVER TOO EARLY TO GET THEM HOOKED ON STAR WARS!

Also, coincidentally, the secruity phrase I have to type to submit this comment reads "trignxbx" which might be interpreted as "trigun x-box" if one were so inclined. HmmMMMmmm.

By Blogger Gretchen, at 1:39 PM, July 22, 2006  

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