wJun 29, 2006


VG Cats on Jenova's Witnesses!

I'm pretty sure I've heard a rumor on the Internets that Wal-Mart is selling J-pop CDs. I might have to compromise my morals to go there and spend money - the rumor specifically includes the band that sings "Ready, Steady, Go!" from Fullmetal Alchemist - l'Arc-en-Ciel or some such thing.

I saw Spider-Man 2 in theaters, and I thought it was teh lame. However, I've seen the trailer for Spider-Man 3 on the Internet and it looks PWN. Psychological thriller-ness! Darkness is always a good thing in every movie, and it's even better if it comes from SOMEONE'S MIND.

So, everybody talks on aim when they should be studying, but I think everyone should know that talking on aim while at work is the best thing ever. Granted, it has to be work that won't be infringed upon by random conversation, but if you can manage it, it is highly recommended. The hours don't crawl by quite so slowly. It's a shame I can't chat on aim whilst working at ShopKo. That would be the shit.

Day 2 of WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF THIS HAPPENED TO YOU?! I would probably cry a lot and then laugh really hard.

Part of my job at the office is to do a little bit of research on various events. The Pulaski Polka Days takes the cake as 'most amusing intro to a website.' :D

Anyway, my sister and Kevin went to tonight's Pearl Jam concert, so I get to babysit the Beasts overnight. It's great - we're here at my parents' house for dinner, and then at 7:00, we go to Olivia's soccer game. Dylan and Amelia run around on the playground, all three of them get exhausted, and they're supposed to go to bed 20 minutes after we get home from the soccer game. Leaving me on the couch to watch the last 7 episodes of Revolutionary Girl Utena at once. It will be glorious! Granted, I will have to contend with the frickin' frick cat. I hate that thing. If all goes well, I will also work on my story.

I know, I feel really bad about not putting the pictures up yet. I probably won't have time until I get back from going Up North this weekend - which is some time Monday.

Current Music: Sailor Moon: Black Dream Hole movie - Dylan ASKED to watch it, and all three of them have been spellbound since it started. Rehehehehe.....OMG I FORGOT SAILORS URANUS AND NEPTUNE WERE IN THIS MOVIE!
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