wMay 30, 2006

It's raining again!

I have to leave for work in about half an hour, but I'm actually not too upset about it. This is probably because shortly afterward, Ryan and I will get together to watch an episode or two of Monster. Laura also came over for a while and then made me a hamburger on her George Foreman grill, so it's shaping out to be a good day.

It really has been a while since my last blog entry, hasn't it? Whatever have you done in my absence! I don't know; I can only tell you what I have done.

Let's see. At some point last week, the night it stormed, Kristy, Chad, Ryan and I biked on the riverside trail for 2.5 miles. It was nice, and so were the fat-free smoothies from Zesty's! I went down to Sheboygan to visit Steph and Gordon. Papa Murphy's pizza, homemade smoothies, Gordon's mom's brownies, Boondock Saints, and Mario War were all involved, so it was a very fun night. Also, it only takes 1.25 hours to get to Steph's. For some reason, I thought it was a lot longer. Steph and Gordon have cool houses. Apparently in Sheboygan, 2-stories are the normal thing, unlike here, where it's all 3-bedroom ranches. Their houses seem older, though.
Last night, I watched the second half of Pride & Prejudice (BBC version), which was good, with Kristy and Chad. A small fire in Chad's backyard followed.

Olivia turned 7 on Sunday, so I went to their house for a while. I gave her the High School Musical DVD and we watched it that night. It was as campy as one would expect from a live-action Disney movie, but I still liked it.

My mom got me a diffuser for my birthday, so I've been using that. I don't know if anyone else would notice the subtle difference in curl volume/definition, but I think it looks better, so yay.

I've slowly been working on getting rid of stuff in my room and making it neater. I redid the bulletin board today. I also have a stack of 31 books at the foot of my bed that are ready to sell on the Internet. I've put one book up for sale as a test-run, and once I know what I'm doing, I fully intend to go nuts. Look, you can see my first book for sale! You could even buy it if you wanted to! (Hint, hint!) I'll put up a link to my account or something when they all go up. And then if you guys want to buy my books, you can go for it. I can't guarantee that you'd want any of them, though.

So, there's this girl in the Grey's Anatomy group on LiveJournal who was freaking out because McDreamy (Patrick Dempsey) came into the restaurant she works with. HOW MUCH WOULD YOU FREAK OUT?! Here's where he came in and she freaked out and her first response was to come online and tell the Internet. And here she tells us how sweet he was.

Anyway, I have to go now. Here's hoping that my pre-emptive Tylonel will take care of the sore back that usually accompanies a shift at ShopKo. Perhaps the rain will guarantee a not-intense experience.

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