wMay 14, 2006

I'm home; The End

I am home now, and there's not much more to say than that. I saw almost my entire family last night, because everybody came over to our house to see my brother, who was in Wisconsin this past week for our family's male annual fishing trip. Good food and shrieking children abounded.

The wires have been saturated for the last week with stories about The West Wing and how it's ending. Everyone keeps saying it "had a great run" and whatever. Obviously, I am a fan of the show, but I think that after Aaron Sorkin left, nobody can really deny that the show has sucked (well, many fans try to deny it, but whatever). Government is definitely interesting, but if you want someone to sit and watch a TV show, the dialogue must be good, the characters consistent, and the plot interesting. For the last three seasons, and in particular, the last 5 or so episodes, this has sadly not been the case.

So, while I will watch the season finale tonight and may shed a tear or two, I feel like if I really wanted to write about the show and do it justice, I would probably pull out my DVDs from the first four seasons and write on those episodes. Because, indeed, while the dialogue itself is inpsiring, the characters are as well. A lot of people have real-life heroes whom they try to emulate. I can't really think of any heroes I have who aren't fictional. If you're going to try and inspire yourself, why would you strive for something achievable?
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