wMay 23, 2006


I really need to get to sleep, so I won't write an entire entry. I just wanted to link to SciFi's page pushing for Emmys for Battlestar Galactica. It has a lot of clips put together for various actors, as well as the series itself. Now I want to watch it again! Ryan, you and I need to make some kind of viewing schedule so that we can actually get through Monster and watch other things. Also, Kristy wants you and I to go biking/whatever on the riverside trail tomorrow evening. I figure the blog is the best way to know you'll see this, :)

Oh. Since I made the post just for this, I guess I'll give it to you.
scribbled mystickeeper at 11:27 PM

It's ironic I didn't get to see it though until I got to your house. >)

By Blogger Ogre, at 7:51 AM, May 25, 2006  

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