wApr 4, 2006


After I handed my English paper in, there was celebratory dancing. I didn't have time to work on the next one until much later in the evening, so my good mood lasted for most of the day. Now, however, I realize that when my other English professor emailed me back last week, I really have no idea how to write this paper, and it is due this Friday, and should be 6-8 pages. And even when I hand that it, I have another Criminal Law & Justice midterm on Tuesday. Well, at least I know that tonight I'll be able to fall asleep, unlike last night. Crying is usually quite draining!

Some of you may remember that for a short amount of time, I hosted Google advertisements here on my blog before taking them off. Mostly because they were ugly, but also because I was earning nowhere near the amount needed to actually get paid ($50).
However, I am not above advertising for something that I think kicks ass. Which is why, when I received an email asking me to advertise for the new OVA 'Karas' on my blog, I heartily agreed. This is the ad that now graces the top of my sidebar. I have only seen the first part thus far, but the animation and battle scenes alone make this worth watching. If you click the ad, you can watch an English trailer. I am excited. Plus, I get a free DVD for hosting the ad, :)
It's a creepy little eye, isn't it? I like it.

Anyway, I'm off to pacify myself with a book until I fall asleep. Being able to function will probably make crafting a paper easier.

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