wApr 21, 2006


This week has gone by really fast. I guess that's what happens when you're stressed. I've been lying awake at night thinking about what I need to get done, and waking up in a panic because of all of the things I have to do. I've been efficient with my time - where it will get me, I have no idea, but I can't say I'm not trying.

Tonight, Chad and I went to Memorial Library (where I've been spending most of my time) to find books for our Presidency paper. It took me three tries before I successfully copied down the correct call number of the book I wanted. This involved me dissolving into giggles on all-fours between the pressure-activated bookstacks while Chad slowly sidled away to find a study booth.

Tomorrow is the Daily Cardinal/Badger Herald softball game. I don't plan to actually play, but instead spectate. I am excited. Early Saturday morning, Louise and I will obtain my car from Gretchen's and then I'll journey home to give Amelia her (literally) shiney puzzle, book, and makeup stick (clear lip gloss).

Mom has been worrying that we won't be able to fit all of my crap in the car on the way home. So, right now I have 4 grocery bags full of stuff, and am taking two tables back. And my winter coat. I'll probably fill another bag with clothes.....and hopefully that will make it okay? I only have one shelf of books in here now, and it feels really weird.

I feel guilty every night for going to bed without finishing everything, but I've been so tired every day! This is not okay - there are still three weeks of this left!

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