wMar 19, 2006

There and Back Again

Spring Break is over now. I'm really not as sad about it as I thought I would be (until I think about taking an English quiz at 8:50 tomorrow morning). Somehow, I am resolved and refreshed and ready to kick some ass. I expect that this feeling of invincibility will disappear by the end of the week. Probably when I get the grades from those 3 midterms. For now, please bask in the glow of what I did on spring break:

That's right, kids. And, yes, Susie, that certainly is a photomosaic of Darth Vader in the background.
In addition, I filed my taxes, cleared 10 gigs of space off my computer, and did my English homework. Plus all of those other things, like being with friends and driving to the upper peninsula and back and going on a shopping trip.

Screw other movies. I'm excited for SNAKES ON A PLANE, in which Samuel L. Jackson schools badass motherfuckers snakes. The title of the movie does has a certain ring to it. Kind of like ribs on a stick. Jack in the box. SNAKES ON A PLANE. (Brace yourself)

Another great title for a movie? I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer It's like the other two titles....only maybe this time, the word 'always' will really give it some finality and there won't be any more damn sequels, :O

At the moment, I am very content and also in the middle of a good book. I'm really not sure there's a better feeling in the world. Let's hope it's not the prelude to major suckage, as tends to be the case when Jackie Has a Good Mood.

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scribbled mystickeeper at 11:56 PM

I tell you, Jackie, boyfriends take up too much time. I started getting stuff done like nobody's business, but then Gordon got bored and the rest is history. While I did a lot, and certainly a lot of things around the house, I crossed almost nothing off of my list of things that I thought I HAD to finish over spring break. Oh well...This week won't be a problem, it's the two midterms next week, the two midterms the week after that, and the paper and extra credit due the week after that which worries me. Gotta squeeze some more interviewing crap in there too. But hey, only 35 more days of class!

By Blogger Steph, at 2:18 PM, March 20, 2006  

I'd rather have a boyfriend than be productive, I think. :/

But yes, we must continue to slave away! I only have one midterm left, I think, but I have like, 5 papers. ;_;

By Blogger Jackie, at 9:28 PM, March 20, 2006  

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