wMar 5, 2006

I like books.

So, yesterday Louise and I decided that we needed to go to Borders. I was going to go on Saturday morning anyway to get studying done, but then I realized I had no studying to do there, so I should just go with Louise and look at manga and then leave. So, that's what we did (with Steph and Gordon, too). And I was so excited because they had the fourth volume of Death Note, even though it's not supposed to be out until March 7th. "PWN!" as Chad would say. (And actually, I think he did, when I told him in glee that I bought a book) Being addicted to buying books and comics is a better habit than being addicted to drugs or sex or drinking, but it comes with the same modes of denial and justification.
Me: That's one good thing about me buying so many books - at least I try to buy them used!
Steph: You can excuse your habits in any way you want to, Jackie.

Steph and Chad made us sweet potato pancakes and omelets that contained spinach and mushrooms. It was delicious. I didn't get much studying done on Friday, but being with friends felt quite nice, so I think that it's okay. I'm keeping my sanity quite well during this midterm season. Although, I still have a while to go, and I'm sure that my sanity will leave me as the tests become more imminent.

I did go to Anime Club tonight for a few hours because staying inside of the dorm all day studying is depressing. Creighton, Carolyn, and Antoine, upon review, all agreed that there is no irony in the book Citizen 13660, which is a picture diary written by a woman who was put into a Japanese internment camp. I don't agree with most of the things said in my Asian American Women Writers class. I appreciate the historical perspectives, and what people think about the books we read, but I do not really think that authors put so much time and effort into setting up scenes as parallels for other things, or whatever. I think that a lot of time spent in English class making up shit could be better spent on appreciating writing styles or something. All this fabrication is sad. If I ever write a book, there will be a disclaimer at the front apologizing to any English students asked to read my book and lift "themes" out of its pages, or to deconstruct settings and characters looking for allegories.

Creighton has lent me three books. I love it when people give me good books to read. It's like, not only do I get to enjoy a good book for free, but as I read it, I think, "this person I know read this book and liked it enough to entrust it to me. Their fingers touched the same pages and they were just as amused/deeply moved as I am by every passage. That's why they lent it to me." It really is a glorious feeling. I've decided that while studying for midterms, Letters to Wendy's is a good choice. The author wrote a small paragraph every day for a year, presumably on the Wendy's cards that say "Tell us about your visit! We care!" Here is my favorite so far. I share it with you, blog-reader.
September 20, 1996
Today I had a Biggie. Usually I just have a small, and refill. Why pay more? But today I needed a Biggie inside me. Some days, I guess, are like that. Only a Biggie will do. You wake up and you know: today I will get a Biggie and I will put it inside me and I will feel better. One time I saw a guy with three Biggies at once. One wonders not about him but about what it is that holds us back.
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I think that a lot of time spent in English class making up shit could be better spent on appreciating writing styles or something. All this fabrication is sad.

Can you believe some people get their doctorates by reading two books and making shit up about them?

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