wMar 21, 2006


Today, I reread my English paper before going to see my TA to talk about it. In addition to his perfectly legitimate comments regarding the fact that basically everything I said was taken right out of lecture/section (let us keep in mind that I wrote this paper in a very short timespan after the Jackie Was Hellishly Sick week), I realized that it was just a horribly written paper. Can you be an English major if you've lost all confidence and skill in regards to writing?

A vagrant on State Street informed that we knew each other in a previous life. One wonders whether or not we were on the same side then, or whether or not I had yet reached this level of self-absorbance.

I was mildly pleased with my American Presidency midterm score until I discovered that Chad had scored 9 points higher than me. Normally, this would not bother me; however, we studied together and I know we knew the same amount of information that I did. This confirms my suspicions that I am a horrible test-taker. It never seems to matter how much time I put into studying. Half-assing it and organizing the shit out of my life to optimize my studying produce the same results.

I was ecstatic in the booth at Subway when I opened the wax paper holding my cookie and discovered that not only was there one chocolate chip m&m cookie, but there were two cookies. Yet, while copy-editing at the Cardinal, Jack informed me that this is common practice when you order a meal deal.
And here I thought the Subway Man was being sweet to me.

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