wMar 18, 2006

26 hours in Houghton; 8 hours in my car

I haven't been good at writing in here lately, but every time I sit to say something, I think about how my feelings are so different than what I end up writing in here. I will strive to be more honest without including so much unnecessasry information. This will probably result in shorter posts. This will probably bring joy to most of you.

I have eaten out so many times in the last week that I feel absolutely disgusting. I look forward to returning to school so that I can once again watch what I'm eating and guzzle water like no tomorrow.

To my Madison friends: The Wisconsin Film Fest is coming, and I think we should pick movies to go see.

On Wednesday, my mother, my sister Julie, Kristy, Jennifer, and I all took a shopping trip to the outlet malls and a large mall. I made a haul and we had fun, so that was good.

Yesterday, I left the house early to drive up to Houghton, Michigan to visit Heather at Michigan Tech. It is a 4-hour drive. On the way there, I listened to a BBC production of Hamlet. On the way home, I listened to Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi. The Jedi stories were a bit easier to pay attention to, although I was excited for all of my favorite parts of Hamlet, and I really liked the voice actress for Ophelia. Here is what most of my scenery looked like. Yes, I got so bored driving that I figured out how to take pictures while driving.

Again with the unnecessary information. Heather took me to a plateau for an aerial view of the town. She also cooked dinner for me and 4 other people, and it was delicious. We took a homemade birthday cake to a friend's house and visited 2 other frats, which was exciting. I drove Heather's car, which handles quite nicely in the snow! I was told that I have cute dimples by one boy and invited to dance by another. Boys in Michigan, apparently, recognize The Hottest Girl Alive when they see her, unlike boys in Madison.

I'm not too great with constantly keeping in contact with all of my high school friends, but whenever we're okay, everything feels right again. It's probably because we were all friends for so long - we solidified this group of about 20 in middle school, if not before. So even though Heather and I have been friends since first grade, today we don't talk with all that much frequency. And whenever I *do* talk to my friends, they usually have good stories about boy exploits and the like. My boy stories are non-existent. Or are the equivilent of "Well, this was almost a potential possibility, but then X/Y/Z happened." So I feel like I know more about all of their lives at college because they tend to tell more stories, while I have more of a smaller, close-knit group of friends at school that finds humor from inside jokes and is content to participate in tranquil activities that don't involve drinking.

But anyway, after we went back to her house, we watched the Chronicles of Narnia on their big projection screen and then went into her brightly decorated room for sleep. And buried underneath blankets, lying back to back, everything was okay because for the first time in as long as I could remember, I was having a sleepover with Heather once again.

Current Music: Honey & Clover soundtrack (maybe I'll be sick of it by the time I go back to Madison)
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Thank you for making me smile this morning. I had a bad night last night and really neeeded it, you are wonderful.


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