wFeb 22, 2006

Sickness; Politics; emo lyrics are allowed 'cause I'm sick and I don't care what you think, :P

I've felt quite hellish the last two days. I don't understand why I've been completely floored by disease twice now this year....I never get sick, and usually when I just have a sore throat or a stuffy nose, I tough it out. My symptoms have varied a lot over the last two days, but they include:
  • Goosebumps all over my legs, no matter the temperature
  • Sore throat
  • Runny nose
  • Achey knees
  • Nausea
  • Aching in the small of my back
  • Being dizzy whilst walking
  • Feeling like I'm floating while I'm walking - I'm kind of okay with this one
  • And today, I got to add a harsh cough to the list, which I blame on a student in one of my classes who coughed at least one per minute for 75 minutes yesterday.
  • Can definitely feel....stuff....somewhere in my lungs.
It took me forever to fall asleep night, so hopefully tonight will be better. I've spent a lot of yesterday and today passed out in my bed, piled with blankets because I can't get warm...until suddenly I can and begin to sweat, but can't move because I feel so nauseous. When I take two Tylenol and a Sudafed (as per Mom's recommendation), I feel good for about 3 hours after the hour it takes to set in. Luckily, I haven't described my symptoms to my father yet, who would undoubtedly tell me why I would die if I took any medicine.
I really just want to go home this weekend and have my Mom make me Mrs. Grass's Noodle Soup...especially because Steph, Gordon, and Chad are all leaving for the weekend. Chad especially, because I could go home....But I have a paper due on Monday that I have yet to start (thanks a lot, cold/flu/whatever!), so I feel obligated to stay here.

I should note that I wrote this next bit after reading this Editorial in the Press-Gazette, but honestly, how else could you spin a situation like this? If you disagree, please let me know, so that I can at least see be aware of the other side.
As my current Congressman happens to be running for Governor in my state, this obviously leaves his congressional seat open. Perceived by many to be the front-runner Republican is the Speaker of the State Assembly, John Gard. What's strange about his campaign is that now, months before even the Republican primary, he has already been endorsed by prominent Republicans, including the one covering for Governor and is expected to receive endorsements by Dick Cheney himself. Both Gard and Nancy Nusbaum went campaigning in D.C. this week. This is an oddity because, obviously, people running for Congress are supposed to be representing our part of the state - and none of the people in DC.
It's easier to single out Gard, though, because of his comments.
"This is the centerpiece campaign in the nation," Gard told the Press-Gazette's Washington Bureau reporter, estimating that he would have to raise about $2 million to win what probably will be the most expensive congressional race in the state's history.

"We call this ground zero in the battle for the house," he said.

It's great that we can know this far in advance that Gard's main goal is for his party to maintain control in the U.S. Congress, and not representing the people of Northeast Wisconsin. If more of the candidates can be this pretentious, it's going to make deciding who to vote for really easy.

Faith, artist of the popular webcomic Demonology 101 (really the only one I bother to read, aside from Penny Arcade), has put up a preview for a project that she and someone else are working on, and I must say that it's quite awesome, both in the written word, the art, and the concepts. It's a western that takes place in an alternate United States. Do take a look. There are only 15 pages right now, so it won't take you very long to get through it.

I'll admit that I've been too preoccupied with staying alive (see: sickness) to be worrying a lot about the news, but there is one story that has received scarcely any coverage, which I find extremely disturbing. 11 million people in Eastern Africa are facing starvation due to a combination of drought and political strife in the region. A lot of people like to think that racism doesn't exist any more, but think of how galvanized the world would become if this was happening somewhere in Western Europe.

Anyway, I'm freezing again and my stomach is feeling oddly, so I think I'm going to sleep now and will try to stay there until 9:00 am tomorrow. Hopefully this goes better than when I tried to sleep last night.

Lastly, this is a pretty random way to end, but keep in mind that I've been quite feverish. I don't think that people ever really grow up; rather, I think that everybody just grows quiet.

Lacerations of my heart.
Dropped down in peices in the dark.
Mixed the words up on this page.
Makes the purple turn to beige.
Inspriation of my heart search for light out of the dark.
All the pictures in my heart lie awake there in my fog.

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