wFeb 10, 2006

New BSG tonight! :O

So....I overslept to that gray area where there's not enough time to shower before class (I will after class; don't worry), but I have extra time to sit around and not do homework!

I haven't written anything new in my Ghost Hunters story, but last night I compared the word document to what I've put in the Ghost Hunters blog and realized that I had a bit more. So if you're one of the people who's been reading, feel free to check it out. I should probably reread it, too - I don't remember what I wrote at all! It's my goal to start working on this again. If you want to read the entire thing, the chapters are listed in order on the sidebar. Beware of poor writing in the beginning. At least now that I'm not required to make a word count (although, I might assign myself one anyway), maybe it'll improve a bit. The whole thing, characters included, feels quite stale. I find myself thinking about characters and plot quite a bit in my Criminal Law & Justice class; but, unfortunately, the characters my mind turns to are Timria, Lanif, and Charlotte, who are part of a different story. Not allowed!

I'm going home for the weekend today, and I'm pretty excited. I talked to my mom on the phone yesterday, and she was all, "Jackie, I have corned beef unthawing for you!" Corned beef and potatoes and cabbage and carrots is my FAVORITE MEAL EVER! So I'm excited. And it's making me hungry thinking about it. Maybe I should eat some breakfast.....

Go Special K. Anyway, it's time to go sit in my classes and wish that I was showered, so goodbye.

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OH! MY! OMG! You haven't blogged since Friday!

By Blogger Steph, at 2:20 PM, February 13, 2006  

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