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In Which Beasts Sled and Mom Sleuths

The Red Cross has decided that the use of a red cross used in video games (health packs, etc.) is illegal. Too bad that's like, every video game ever. The only video games that I can think of that don't use a cross to symbolize health packs are the Final Fantasy series.

The voice actors for Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children have been released. Rachel Leigh Cook is going to be Tifa, so that's pretty cool. Lots of cross-overs from the Kingdom Hearts games, except Mandy Moore won't be returning as Aeris. The guy playing Rude is Crispin Freeman (ehh...he did Alucard from Hellsing). The guy playing Vincent Valentine is the voice of Spike from Cowboy Bebop who is in EVERYTHING, EVER, but I think his voice is a good fit for Vinnie. I probably won't watch the English version anyway, but I am SO EXCITED for this DVD to come out.

Also, I found this to be pretty cool. To create a map of personality awareness, you can make a Johari Window online. Fill out mine! :O You can fill out what you think and then compare it to what I think, as well as others. I find it cool, anyway.

So I haven't blogged since Friday. But this is The Longest Post Ever, so it's okay. I went home this weekend. Watching the Olympics is good because the Winter Olympics pwn. I wish I could do backflips on skis. I would tape myself doing it and send tapes to my friends just to show them how cool I am. Yes, yes I would. Ice skating is cool too, but for whatever reason, whenever I'm watching it, I always feel like a skater is going to slip and cut themselves on the blade of the ice skate.

Olivia found it impossible to not giggle for 5 minutes after each runI didn't do too much Friday night. We didn't get home until 7:00, so I watched Olympics, Battlestar Galactica (OMG!), and maybe did homework? I'm such a geek. On Saturday morning, I went with Mom and Julie (while still in my pajamas) to take The Beasts sledding. After that, I went grocery shopping with Mom (still in my pajamas). Julie and Kevin and the kids came over for dinner (corned beef, YES!). After Julie & Co. went home, it was suddenly quiet. Dad wanted to leave really early on Sunday, kind of to my/Mom's dismay. Mia found scaling the hills difficult, but refused to be left behind So I did what I always do when I need a pick-me-up and have nothing better to do: I went to a book store. Purchased the fourth Dark Tower book, bought some hot chocolate, sat down and read for a while. I felt kind of bad, because the girl working at the Starbucks apparently knew me. She asked for my name (because it's obviously necessary for them to call my name for my hot chocolate because I'm not going to move two feet and wait right in front of the guy anyway), I told her, and she said, BEST ACTION SHOT EVER!"Oh, right, I should know that!" So there was a blank stare for a split second, and then I was like, "Yeah, hahaha, *something assinine*" So, I apologize to the Starbucks Girl, who apparently goes to my high school and did when I was a junior/senior? I suck. I'm usually really good with faces, too. I remember when I was a sophomore and none of the seniors knew who I was (even if we were both in Musical together, or band). Yay for being remembered?

After returning to Madison, Chad had Louise and I over for dinner. He introduced me to the computer game Civilization, which I think is a bad idea. If you haven't noticed (which I'm sure you have, judging by this blog alone), I am easily addicted to things like this. I'm trying to make myself wait until after Friday's midterm.

And finally, we arrive at Monday. Mondays are usually pretty slow, or rather, they were. Class is done by 11:50. Today was my first day volunteering at Green's campaign office, which was cool. It's more my adventures getting there that are interesting. Firstly, I decided to make myself look a little presentable, so I wear my gray dress pants which must be accompanied by my black heels. So I step outside to my first class, wearing the heels (despite Steph's warnings of 13-degree weather). Much to your surprise, loud expletives were uttered. And despite gray dress pants/socks and tennis shoes making me look like a grandma, that's what happened during the rest of my outdoor excursions.

After lunch, Chad got to witness my complete freak-out, as I tend to do shortly before doing something that's making me really nervous (ie, going to the office for the first time). Clutching my book of bus routes and a detailed hand-drawn map of Capitol Square, I go to the bus stop. Somewhere between leaving the dorm and arriving at the bus stop (1 block away), I lose my cellphone. Upon reaching the bus stop, I realize this, but decide to press forward anyway. I am terrified of missing the bus and having to wait half an hour (even though it totally would not have mattered if I was late).

Once seated on the bus, I look around with a bemused expression and then lean forward like a 2nd-grader after playing outside to peel off my tennis shoes and socks and replace them with heels. I successfully navigated the bus system (and by navigated, I mean 'sat on one route until I got to the stop I had checked for at least 8 times'). Unfortunately, the first building that I thought was the right one ended up definitely not being the right one.

Upon arrival, I am informed that my mom called and said that the desk in the front of my dorm was holding my cellphone. I am left to wonder how the hell my mom called the office before I ever stepped inside of it for the first time (and how Mom knew it was lost) until I call her after dinner.

Nothing particularly exciting happens until after dinner except for volunteering for a few hours and then successfully getting back to the dorm (on a different bus route! I am so 1337). So, I call Mom, and this is basically The Story of My Cellphone (part 2, as part 1 was when I broke it in half 3 weeks ago).

So, some guy finds my cellphone lying on the ground and flips it open. Now, before my cellphone broke, my cellphone used to read Hi.ree.ree! because that's what Kristy wrote. Note that she couldn't figure out how to make spaces, so she used periods. When I got my second one, I wanted to be a little more creative than just using my name, so I made it display Aila, which happens to be my Confirmation name (it's a Catholic thing).
So, the kid flips it open and calls the number called "Home," and reaches my mother (who was supposed to be at work, what the hell). He asked if Aila is there, and my mom informs him that he has the wrong number. He assures her that he does not, because he picked the cellphone up off the ground and dialed 'Home.' Mom asks him where he is, he says Madison, and Mom puts it together. (A side note: Apparently Mom forgot what my Confirmation name was, because she still couldn't figure out why my cellphone said that. But I guess that after my brother wanting his name to be Gandhi, Aila wasn't so bad)
Mom is thrilled to discover that he is also a UW student (well, since I lost it on campus...) and even more elated to learn that he is right in front of my dorm (well, since that's where I lost it....). Mom ponders how to get a hold of me, as I do not have my cellphone. The guy gives my mom his phone number, and then decides to leave the phone at the front desk.

Mom assumes that I am freaking out about my phone (actually, I just figured that it would be in my room, or that it would be lying on the ground somewhere waiting for me to pick it up; I am surprisingly not worried at all) and does everything possible to contact me. She called Chad and also had Kevin (brother-in-law) send me a message through AIM. Desperate, she realizes that today is the day that I'm volunteering at the office for the first time.
She calls Green's District Office in Green Bay and asks for the campaign office number. She is given it, but then says, "Hey, that number is a Green Bay number! I want the Madison one!" And whoever was on the phone said, "The campaign office in Madison isn't actually open yet" (which is technically true; there are no phones hooked up, etc. They just moved in a few weeks ago) And Mom, being Mom, says, "Well, something's open because my daughter is going there today to volunteer." They give her the phone number of the lady in charge of the office, and THAT'S HOW I KNEW WHERE MY CELLPHONE WAS.

After Mom told me this entire story from work, I said, "Mom, that's pretty impressive."
And Mom said, "I know! It's because I read all of those mystery novels. I could be a detective!"
Mom also added that the guy who found my phone was "SO NICE!" and "SOUNDED REALLY CUTE!" So, I feel obliged to tell you all that I called him back to say thank you. I got his voicemail. Thank you, Cellphone Hero.

After that, the day was not yet over, for there was copy editing to be done, and then (and still) homework. I have other things to say, but I think that if this post gets any longer, you guys will kill me. I hope my stories were amusing. They amused me, anyway.

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scribbled mystickeeper at 11:59 PM

*chuckles* (and POOR CHUCKLES....)

By Blogger Ogre, at 1:13 PM, February 14, 2006  

I love your mom!


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:36 PM, February 14, 2006  

OMG that was the BEST cell phone story ever, and by the way your mom rocks the shiznit. I kid you not, she does, that is so cool

*flips out* and kudos on conquering teh evil busses.


(ps, I had to go check out the johari site... that totally sounds like something I would name a character of mine, but whatever... any way, yeah, tis coolness and all) :)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:23 AM, February 15, 2006  

WHORE! I was expecting another bitchy post about something. I go away from your blog and then you write two marveoulous posts and it gets me hooked again. EVIL. SOOOO, I'll just check out your blog once a week. THE END! (Actually I was hoping you would have written something about the vice president....) OK SEE YOU AT THE END OF THE WEEK !!! MAOH! GO NEWLY ACQUIRED SELF CONTROL

By Blogger Ogre, at 7:43 PM, February 15, 2006  

I have no problem with Dick Cheney. I just think it's a little unnerving that the press didn't know that the Vice President shot somebody until about 24 hours after it happened.


By Blogger Jackie, at 8:09 PM, February 15, 2006  

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