wFeb 27, 2006

damn it; i need to wash my washcloths.

So, starting sometime yesterday, I somehow broke free of the bubble I had been living inside of. I still have an intense, racking cough and an occasionally runny nose, but however bad the cough may sound, this is nothing. I feel glorious! I even cleaned in my room tonight after coming back from everything, so I can breathe!

I am caught up in homework, except for Criminal Law & Justice, which should be interesting as the midterm is getting handed out tomorrow (we get a week to work on it and then have to go in and write it cold). 3 midterms next week, ;_; But then it'll be Spring Break! I just need to make it that far.

I did finish my paper and was in bed around 1:30, which was pretty good. I wish that I could say the paper is "pretty good." But I guess all I can do now is wait and see what happens.

So, Mom making me go to bed before 11:00 over the weekend is having negative results on my college routine here. I guess I'll just lie in bed and read until falling asleep.

aeriscloud, thanks for the comment on Ghost Hunters! I do think about it all the time, I swear. You guys just need to give me some swift kicks to get me going again, ;_; Or at least make me write in chronological order again, instead of random scenes.

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scribbled mystickeeper at 11:24 PM

No problem, Jackie. After having taken a couple of fiction writing classes in college, it almost comes as second nature to analyze stories while I read them. At least my BA in English was good for something. ;)

By Blogger aeriscloud, at 1:30 PM, March 06, 2006  

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