wJan 22, 2006

Television and My Weekend

Friday night, we saw "The Producers." I thought it was brilliant, and I loved Matthew Broderick. On Saturday, Lindsay and Laura were in town, so I hung out with them and Jenny for the afternoon on State Street. I returned with a Samurai Champloo calendar and a Ray Bradbury book (I thought I'd make it through a week without purchasing a book, but alas, no such luck). After they left, we went to Anime Club. I really only like one of the series that won, so I guess that frees up my Saturday nights a lot. Awesome. I really, really liked the series Planetes, and I'm sad it didn't win. The art was brilliant, and seemed the plot was going to be as well. It's set up as science fiction intertwined with politics set in the future. It takes place in 2075, when there's lots of space travel, but also a lot of space debris. Unfortunately, the debris is inhibiting traffic, so the main character and her motley crew of colleagues are the ones who are in charge of clearing it. Morality plays a surprising role in the first episode, and according to Creighton and Carolyn, it gets more awesomely complex. I need to see that and Earth Girl Arjuna.

That was basically my weekend, except that this morning I woke up like, 8:30 with a horrible, piercing pain in my abdomen that's like, below the belly button, mostly on my right side, in line with my hip. When I sit down for long periods of time, but when I lie down or stand up or laugh, it's ohgodthepain. So....if it still hurts tomorrow, I'll see if I can go to UHS after class. I went to Chad's tonight for dinner/West Wing/American Presidency reading, so it was a pretty good weekend overall.

This will be The West Wing's last season. We saw it coming, and I'm not terribly upset, but it's still saddening. It's nothing like it was in the beginning, but it still far surpasses most of television today. "The West Wing" holds the record for most Emmys won by a series in a single season (its first) and has earned 90 total nominations to date. Other awards include a Peabody Award for Excellence in Television, five Golden Globe nominations and one Golden Globe Award for Best Drama Series, and three Television Critics Association Awards. Sadly, neither Aaron Sorkin nor Thomas Schlamme will be involved in the end. I found that to be really sad. All I have to say is, Josh and Donna had better get together! I did really like Will in tonight's episode. Last week's episode was better (mostly because Bradley Whitford, the actor who plays Josh, wrote it), but what can you do.

Luckily, I now have Battlestar Galactica to geek out on. Speaking of which, I wrote my thoughts about this week's episode in my LiveJournal, if you're interested. Major spoilers are there, but if you've seen the episode or don't care about the series at all, you should click. It's awesome how complex this show is, and how much conversation its plots can spawn.

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