wJan 15, 2006

i'll be your number one with a bullet

My last night at home was pretty awesome. Mom made steak and Julie and Kevin and the kids came over and all was glorious. Hung out with Colin for a bit, and watched The Constant Gardener with Kristy and Chad. A good, deep movie, but kind of a downer....

I hadn't realized how excited I was to go back to school until my stuff was in the car and I ran back in to hug the kids goodbye quickly. I think my mom kinda felt bad that I was so eager to leave, :/ I think I'm about equally divided, but I feel a need to do something with this energy. Julie and Kevin drove us back to school, so that was fun. They ate lunch at Panera with Louise and I and then we drove past our house for next year and then got books. I wouldn't let Kevin leave until he did all of the updates on my computer and it was connected to the Internet. When they left, it was suddenly lonely, but I kept myself busy with cleaning. I got everything put away, but I'll have to continue cleaning tomorrow. My plan is to go through all the drawers and, as I proclaimed to my sister, "organize the shit out of everything."

I feel so at home in my little loft here with my books and etc. I want to put up pictures...hopefully My Webspace will work now, >O

Louise and I ate at Chin's and ran into a friend from Anime Club and then I went to the Cardinal and worked on the bounds for a few hours. Got back about an hour ago and Steph and I freaked out and squeed over the Koala yummies I found in the $1 aisle at ShopKo and my new BSG obsession and etc.

But now my stomach is like, dying. So I think I'll crawl up into bed.

I feel like I'm capable of anything right now. Hopefully surviving this semester will take priority.

Current Music: Sugar, We're Goin' Down - Fall Out Boy
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