wJan 30, 2006

bitching and moaning

I purchased groceries with Chad (like, we don't share groceries, but went at the same time) and he made pasta stuff for dinner and it was good.

And I think that that's about the only part of today that didn't totally suck.

We've only had class for 2 weeks and thinking about any one of my four classes makes me want to cry, particularly English 215. When the professor is behind in lecture and the TA assumes that you are ahead, it makes Jackie go NOES. Not to mention I already have no idea what to do with the current assignment.
Tomorrow better not suck. It'd be a lot better if my freaking phone wasn't broken, too. I'd like to call my family.

Current Music: This Bitter Pill - Dashboard Confessional (angst liek whoa)
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