wDec 18, 2005

My story, West Wing, Facebook, Feingold, and my story

Last night, Chad, Louise and I watched a movie based on something written by Pushkin. Ralph Fiennes and Liv Tyler were in it. I liked it!

Life is much calmer now that classes are over with. I know I still have three finals, but I feel much more in charge of my life. I'm pretty proud of the way that I handled this semester, but my goal for next semester is to focus better and to better utilize the time that I do spend actually being productive. Hopefully this will leave time for more creative ventures, like my dusty Ghost-Hunters story. I still need to decide whether or not I'm actually going to try taking 18 credits.....

We watched an episode of West Wing tonight after eating dinner at Noodles. We watched the "Noel" episode, in which Josh (my favorite character!) is discovered to have PTSD from being shot at the end of season 1. I think watching this is what really made me want to do something creative tonight. I love West Wing. It is highly intelligent (you need to know Shakespeare and politics like the back of your hand) and witty, and yet everything is so character-driven. (Moreso it used to be than it is currently, but ah well).

Is it really the ultimate diss to reject somebody's friendship request on facebook? I mean, I'm friends with people from high school who I never really talked to, but was okay with. But sometimes people ask to friend me who were in my classes, passed me in the halls and whatever, but never returned smiles and I'm fairly certain have never exchanged even one-word conversations with me. I think a lot of people just friend everyone from high school that they didn't hate with undying passion so that it looks like they have a lot of friends. Is it truly horrible of me to click 'Reject'?

I used to like Russ Feingold a lot - I admire some of the things he's done. But for about the last year or so, he has suddenly decided that he's in a good position to become president or vice president. He's also decided that the best strategy to do so is to continually push himself farther and farther left. A couple of months ago, he was holding town hall meetings in New Hampshire, which is absolutely ridiculous - the last election cycle just finished! Speaking your mind is fine and admirable, but it's like he's twisting everything that happens into a media stunt for his own political advantage. This is not okay.

I reread my Ghost Hunters story this evening because I was feeling like working on it (haha, I have some plot twists in mind! Well, not really....just character-related things. Let us always keep in mind that there is no plot). While I long to print the entire thing off and viciously attack it with a red pen, I do acknowledge the fact that the writing improves as time goes on. Also, I think I'm better at dialogue than I am at description. Usually, with writers, it's the dialogue that provides the problem, so that's sort of weird.
YES! I just figured out good back story for my character Gali. BWAHA, it fits so perfectly, so evily, so ANGSTily. Also figured out angsty things to happen in the future. HEEHEE. For not actually writing anything, I feel strangely fulfilled. Go me.

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Me: *holds up drawing for Steph to see across the room*
Steph: I can't see it, Jackie.
Me: Are you blind?
Steph: Yes, I have this (blahblahthingintheeye)
Me: *holding up middle finger* Can you see this?
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If I was really close friends with someone IRL and they rejected me on facebook, I might be upset. But if I barely knew them and I was friending them just to increase my friend count, then I probably wouldn't care if they rejected me. And the way that facebook works, the whole rejection thing is pretty discrete. You can only tell someone's rejected you because they don't ever appear in your friend list.

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