wDec 12, 2005


I don't really remember whath appened today,but I'm sure it's nothing important. We signed the lease for teh house, so that's good.

I'm pretty sure that I'm sick. I kept getting these bouts of omgi'mgoingtodie all day that lasted 5 minutes...and then after dinner, it just stayed. I went to copy editing/lease-signing, but we left half an hour early. I got this bag of stuff that my mom sent me through Chad, and it includes a knit hat. It is on my head, pulled down to my eyebrows. Which gives a nice effect, as my eyes have dark circles under them from smeared mascara. I look like a serial killer. But sometimes I look like that anyway.

I called Mom and was like, wahhhh! I just want to go home and lie in my mom's bed and have her rub my back until I go to sleep. I hate school. ;_;

She told me to go to bed and forget about everything (school stuff) until morning, so I guess that that is the plan.

I think I'll go lie in bed, but I don't think I'm going to be able to fall asleep for a while. Ohgod....I should take Tylonel, right? Tums? wo4tiuawo;gtj
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