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I suppose that I should blog about the happenings of Christmas. Christmas Eve was spent at our house. I can't really remember what happened before people started coming over, so probably not much except cleaning and bringing out food. Everyone came over at 4:30 - we celebrate with my mom's side of the family, as my dad's all live out of town. Mom made lasagna, but I ate so many hors d'ourves that I didn't have any, XD Oh, I remember something about earlier in the day! I took chicken nuggets over to my sister's house because that's what Amelia told everybody she wanted for Christmas. So we had a chicken nugget feast and it was glorious. She had been crying in her bed because she didn't want to take a nap, so I went in her room and said, "Mia, what did you ask for for Christmas?"
"I want a drink."
"Mia, what did you ask Grandma for for Christmas?"
"A drink."
"Mia! What did you tell me on the phone that you wanted for Christmas?!"
"........Cheeken nuggets!!" She got out of bed and I yelled, "RUN!" (as I often do, much to Julie's dismay) and we had our feast (I let Olivia and Dylan eat some too).

Maybe I should try to count how many people come to these things to give you guys an idea....let's see, on Christmas Eve there were about twenty of us. After opening presents from each other, everybody left except for my parents and I, Julie and Kevin and the kids, and Kevin's parents. Then we 'realized' we had left the presents to the kids at Julie's house, so we went there, and SANTA HAD COME!!! Amelia was freaking out, it was really funny. Kevin says Amelia thinks Santa is a serial killer of some kind, because they always use it as a threat - "Santa's watching; Santa knows what you're doing all the time, etc." After much shrieking and yelling, the Santa gifts had been opened, and my parents and I went back home.

I was sitting online thinking about blogging when Kristy called with OMGBIGNEWS!!! But I've been instructed not to put it in the blog, so.....you should ask her. Or Chad. *WINK* So, there was a lot of freaking out then, and I went over to her house until like, 3:45 am.

Definitely slept through church (I know, I'm a bad kid!). Lolled around all day and then we went over to my cousin Ann's house for her husband's spaghetti (SO GOOD). This gathering is larger than our Christmas Eve one - 30 of us, 7 of which are about 10 or younger. More presents, more shrieking, more cookies, yelling at the kids not to play on the stairs, getting mad at the Packers (5 members of the family had to wait until after the game to join us), and playing Mom's 20 Questions game that she won't put down.

Coming home after the party was kind of scary, though. My dad had left before us, but his truck wasn't there when Mom and I got back (about 12:45 am). His fluorescent orange suit was there from the game, so we knew he had been there. I thought maybe something had happened with his kidneys again and had decided to drive himself to the hospital, but I called Kevin's (brother-in-law) cellphone, and he said his dad had been having chest pains and had gone to the hospital in an ambulance. My dad was watching the Beasts so Julie and Kevin and Kevin's mom could go there. So, my cousin Molly and I went to relieve my dad.

I played with the cat (that frickin' frick) and then we went to sleep. Julie, etc. eventually came back, and Kevin's dad is okay, at least as far as we know. Dylan and Amelia came in after I had gotten about 5.5 hours of sleep. "JACKIE, WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? WAKE UP AND PLAY WITH ME!" Kevin or somebody must've put a movie in, because then they were quiet until 10:30, when Molly and I finally actually woke up. Julie, etc. went back to the hospital and Molly went home. I suited the kids up and negotiated about which toys could come over to Grandma's house, and now I'm home. Mom somehow got Mia to sleep and is now working on Dylan.

I have to work tomorrow, :/ What the heck, it's 3:30 already! We watched the Balto III movie this afternoon and will possibly be watching March of the Penguins (YAY!) at some point. So, that was my Christmas, and now work will start. It feels like I haven't even had any time off yet - coming home is always like that. Being in Madison feels like things are so focused and linear, but here it's like there are always 10 things to do and I'm somehow doing all of them. I think I like things better this way - I'll keep looking for ways to fix that.

It's weird that I haven't been online like, at all yet. It's going to take me at least an hour to get through my LJ Friends list when I finally get online at my sister's house.

I still only have two of my grades posted! What the heck are my TAs doing?!

Steph, I haven't seen Days since being home. Is Claire still alive?! Who knows that Shawn is the father?! Did what's-her-face-Billie's-daughter die? No, wait, she left but was still being a whore. Is Jack alive?! I thought I saw him on Christmas Eve or something (I watched for 2 minuts).

Current Music: Dylan and Olivia playing 'Guess Who?' at the table; System of a Down's 'Hypnotize' album (this CD freaks me out because I keep thinking I'm listening to the other one and then it's like, PSYCHE!)
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My father purchased a new wireless network system that actually works! It's WIFI tOO! So when Battlestar arrives...you can multi task at my house.

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