wNov 10, 2005

Well, that was fun. Let's not do it again.

I got to talk to Dad, but not Mom. Dad didn't seem to have much of an opinion, other than asking, "What are you going to do with that?" "I have no idea." "Oh..." But the reaction was better than I thought it would be, so that's good.

After much angst, I think I've decided that English is a much better fit. So I'm taking courses next semester (hopefully I can convince someone that College Credit English should definitely fulfill their "6 credits of Intro-Lit" prerequisite....oh wait, I CAN'T MEET WITH THE ADVISOR!). And if I do, for whatever reason, decide that Journalism is the way to go after all, it's a 3-semester program, so I should still be in good shape.

I don't know why I freaked out so much. Maybe it was lots of things that just needed a trigger. Or something. The last couple of days, I feel a strong desire to not be around people. Ever.

I didn't get very much done tonight, aside from things that are necessary to get through class tomorrow. To prevent crazy things from happening, I played a little Silent Hill. What an effed up game. I'm currently investigating the school infested with zombie children.

I'm getting desperate for plot ideas, so if you guys have got any suggestions (provided you have at least a general idea of the story - the link to the blog is on the sidebar in the "I Can Use the Internet" box), feel free to share.

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scribbled mystickeeper at 12:56 AM

You need to be very careful about the decisions you make while under stress. I myself have some manic/depressive tendencies and act very, very impulsively when under duress. There have been times when I've made rather expensive buys, nearly completely rearranged my life, been about to drop out of college, etc.

You are unhappy now in part because of your classes; however, there was a reason why you were considering the journalism school to begin with. Don't act hastily.

By Blogger Creighton Hogg, at 8:31 AM, November 10, 2005  

Argh. taking a break from the Journalism track doesn't negate it completely. Like you said, it's only a 3-semester program. You're in good shape.

Have you tried just calling cross-college and asking them your question? I remember having to ask something of them once, and the receptionist or whatever was actually able to help me. What did your DARS report say?

Peace, G

By Blogger Gretchen, at 8:33 AM, November 10, 2005  

Jackie- I don't have any plot ideas for your story, but I have been keeping up with it. And I am enjoying it greatly! You obviously have talent in writing and will use that talent despite if you are an english major or journalism major! Keep writing!

By Blogger Kayla, at 2:24 PM, November 10, 2005  

Creighton - You do bring up a very good point in not being hasty. I have similar tendencies, :/ Fortunately, though, there is this voice that remains constant throughout the voices of despair that yells, "Shut the #$%@ up!" and I *usually* don't end up doing anything too drastic. Yet. ;)
But if I am truly honest with myself, I definitely know that this is not an overnight decisions. You're right that there's a reason why I was considering Journalism - the reason why was because I love English but I was too afraid to jump without a net and just do what I love and let everything else take care of itself.

G - I called CCAS to see if I could set up a meeting with an advisor (I was in CCAS last year). Apparently, since I've declared the Poli Sci major, and am no longer assigned to a CCAS advisor, I am unable to meet with one until some time in December. I've requested a "What If?" DARS report and if they say that my College Credit English doesn't count as Intro-Lit, I'm calling the English department, or walking to CCAS or walking ALL OVER CAMPUS until I can find someone who will tell me who to talk to.

OMG, it's Kayla! Wow, I had no idea you were reading it! I thought it was just Karin and kinda-Steph, kinda-Gretchen. Awwww, now I feel all happy inside. Thank you, whore!

By Blogger Jackie, at 2:38 PM, November 10, 2005  

Dude, I check your blog like four times per day! I should leave more notes, I guess, but usually I don't feel that I have anything pertinent to say... so I don't... I hope Ripley kicked ass tonight! She always does.

By Blogger Gretchen, at 10:02 PM, November 10, 2005  

Not as much as in II and IV....but yes, ass-kicking was involved, ;)

By Blogger Jackie, at 10:29 PM, November 10, 2005  

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