wNov 6, 2005

Since when do political dramas out-perform our actual political system? Since West Wing.

West Wing has been trying desperately to reinvent itself this season. I think it's botched its handling of the old crew - Toby's exit was excruciatingly painful. It was cool how they made you feel for CJ, but I thought the portrayal of Bartlet was unrealistic. I'm really upset that I missed last week's Donna episode. :/

On the other hand, their handling of the campaign between Santos and Vinick has been awesome. They've been bringing in all kinds of great actors, and tonight's stunt was absolutely brilliant - a live, television presidential debate. No, really, it was live. Forrest Sawyer moderated, which was pretty cool. I was kind of expecting them to cut to shots of Josh and other people on the campaign freaking out after comments and stuff, but no - after a short intro, the entire episode was just the two candidates, debating.

In a predictable move for the show, the candidates mutually decided to suspend the rules of question, 2 minute response, 1 minute rebuttal, 30 second optional response. And I mean that it's predictable for the show, but would definitely never happen in real life. The moderator asked questions, alternating between the two candidates, but they just kept going back and forth with real answers (except for one question, which I expect was done purposely so that there'd be fallout later). The candidates were allowed to not only answer questions, but question each other. These were actors on television, and I was much more able to believe that they were running for president than I was convinced by John Kerry or George Bush last year.

What would politics be like if candidates started to cut out the bullshit? If they stopped pandering to the people who offer them money and instead directly answer real questions offered by voters who are the ones who actually elect them into office? What does it say about our political system if a television show can offer a better debate about issues vitally important to the American presidency than can our real options? How do people going about changing this?

Apparently this blog did live updates during the debate. It really is a very cool blog - how come I never knew about this before?! Reading the insights from the fans is really awesome. The only person I have to talk about West Wing with is Chad, which is cool, but reading that many responses is also very cool.

For once, I'm updating this blog before working on my story for the night (so I'm actually coherent!). So...yeah. I'm on track now, and am really hoping that I don't get behind on the first night of the week. So I'll just remind you now to check out and see if I decide what actually happened to poor Anthony yesterday.

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I told Steph that Heather and I plan to drop out of school to be missionaries.
"Don't be missionaries, Jackie! Be....ninjas!"
"We want to do good in the world, Steph."
"...You could be ninjas for good!"
scribbled mystickeeper at 11:55 PM

I agree with steph on the Ninja thing. YOu could be a Geisha ninja.

By Blogger Ogre, at 12:55 PM, November 07, 2005  

you could be a missionary ninja! Why confine yourself solely to one realm?

PS, I'm blogging at the Blogger site (this one) now. F you, OD. So read me there.

By Blogger Gretchen, at 9:35 PM, November 07, 2005  

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