wNov 21, 2005

just skip it

OMG I want whatever shirt wins! I hope it's the top one. Jack Thompson is a jerk. Pixelante = me!

Today has really sucked. I was alone in the room for 12 hours, which is always a fun experience. I had a crapload of studying to do....and even though that's what I did all day long, I still feel only about half as prepared as I should be. I still have tomorrow before 2:30, I guess.

Then I went through the timetable to figure out the codes for the classes that I want. Everything is full. Well, I'll get one English class that I want (215, the boot camp one) and one Poli Sci one will still be open tomorrow morning. But there is basically nothing left in terms of other Poli Sci OR English courses to take. All that's left are elementary courses (I basically only need advanced credits now to graduate, excepting 6 science credits that I'm not taking yet), grad student courses, or "A Study on the Topic of ______" Who wants to spend an entire semester on one topic?! They all sound assinine, have prerequisite requirements that I don't have, or are full. Except for stupid "Victorian Poetry," but that's writing intensive and I don't want to take it while I'm taking the writing intensive 215, because that would just be heinous.

There are no classes to take. I think I'm semi-screwed for tomorrow's midterm but I'm too tired to care. All I want to do is go home right now, but even when I do go home, it's going to be worrying about my papers, getting up way too early Fri/Sat and dealing with crabby people who hate me for no reason, and not having enough time to do everything I want to do. Spending time with my family will be awesome, but last year taught me to hate Thanksgiving. You come home, and everything is all festive, but then you're exiled back to school, where you're stuck until the day before Christmas Eve, slaving over exams that make you want to die, and trying not to think about Christmas shopping.

It would be really, really nice if something in life could stop sucking right now.

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Jackie- Sorry this is so late notice, but I have my car here and i am leaving tomorrow (Tuesday) to go home, probably around 3ish...if you or paul or anyone needs a ride!

By Blogger Kayla, at 4:17 PM, November 21, 2005  

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