wOct 11, 2005

woe screwed is me

This is my current background. It distracted me from studying a lot, ;_; It's so detailed!

I found this LJ group for NanoWrimo, and someone recommended this site, which contains a method for storymapping. I put it here because it will be useful to Kristen and Louise, who are also doing NanoWrimo, and so I can find it when I'm sane again tomorrow.

Also, this evening I realized that I haven't gotten any mail at all this year yet. ;_; Unless you count packages that Chad has sent to my address because he can't get packages at his. And no, those don't count.

I hate feeling like I totally kicked ass on an exam because I feel like I missed something important. But I think in the case of the Political Theory test, it was justified.

There's so much to memorize for Geology....let's just hope that I totally overstudied. That would be good. 'Cause really, my brain is holding about all that it reasonably can. The organisms got more complex in later lectures and I can't pull everything out of nowhere - hopefully those things will be multiple choice. I tend to get a lot of those organism names mixed up....I wish our TA wouldn't spend 40 minutes of our 50 minute lab telling us what we just heard in lecture verbatim because he would rather sleep than attend lecture and realize he's being an ass (our lab is held immediately after lecture). :/ Oh well. It's 2:10 and I probably won't be able to fall asleep, only to wake up at 7:00. YES.
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