wOct 7, 2005

When you write to the Internet, people can read it!

Based on my observations of "popular bloggers," it is not in good form to acknowledge the fact that you have an increased flux of readers. You do not share your glee in the fact that people read what you write every day. I, of course, am not like other people. And while I acknowledge the fact that what I'm about to write about probably won't change my blog too much in the long term, please be excited for me anyway.

So today I was checking my blog stats to see where people were coming from, and noticed a bunch (by a bunch, I mean 7) coming in from this news site. And lo and behold, my blog has been quoted at C-Net's news.com.com! That is so awesome!


Other bloggers are already green with envy.

Upon further investigation, I am apparently #6 when you type in "feel sick after eating" in the Yahoo! Search engine: Evidence.

Wow. We watched "Kill Bill" tonight in Sci-Fi (I think it qualifies as fantasy) and will watch part 2 next week. I definitely think that these movies came about like this: Quentin Tarentino watched a shitload of anime and said to himself, "I think I'll make a movie." I'd seen half of the first movie before, but this was my first time watching the animated segment. You can definitely tell that there are some Samurai Champloo personnel crossovers. But man, that kicked ass.

Dude. You can watch this woman rot in her coffin.

If you go here, you can legally watch the first 10 minutes of the movie "Serenity." I highly recommend this movie, guys. It's really good - witty, action-packed, and best of all - character-driven. Also, it's rumored on many websites that the actors signed on for three movies, provided this first one doesn't tank. So please, support Joss Whedon love and go see it!

Current Music: Somewhere Out There - An American Tale (I used to love this movie when I was little, ;_;)
scribbled mystickeeper at 12:58 AM

You're a such a blogger whore. Congratulations.

By Blogger Ogre, at 9:22 AM, October 07, 2005  

Holy shit thats CNET you were posted on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maybe I need to read your blog more often.

Kevin B*I*L

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:35 PM, October 07, 2005  

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