wOct 5, 2005


Well, I’m trying out this new Blogger for Word program.  If it works, it’d be kind of nice.  For some reason, blogging an entry in Microsoft Word feels more natural than doing so in a web browser.  It feels like I’m actually composing something.

Apparently there’s going to be a Halo movie. And Peter Jackson is directing it.  I’m not really sure how I feel about that.  To me, Halo just isn’t Halo if there is not copious amounts of shouting, swearing, and me snickering as I finally get the flag – one time out of ten.

Kristy has posted her first entry from Rome today!;  Visiting Assisi would be very cool.  And Rome too, I guess, ;)

I think a huge part of the reason that I haven’t been writing is that by the time I get everything finished that I want to in a given day, I’m too tired to bother writing because I just want to crawl in bed.  It’s never good to write whilst that tired.

I was going to say insightful things, but then realized that I’m not feeling particularly insightful at the moment.  School is starting to suck, what with paper and exams and etc.  :/

<br><i>Current Music: Darkness – Third Eye Blind</i>

Okay, never using that again....all of the HTML showed up and was effed up. Maybe I'm supposed to be HTML illiterate and press the italic button in word instead of writing HTML. Crock of shit....
scribbled mystickeeper at 1:45 AM

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