wOct 4, 2005

music is good. waking up at 7:00 will probably not be.

I think it's great that some professors actually communicate with their students via email. It's a great way to provide extra information outside of class, and links to relevant information.
That said, I really DON'T appreciate having my inbox flooded with emails from one professor. I received 11 emails from one of my professors today alone! And by analyzing the timestamps on them, it's very obvious that she just sits down at her inbox and forwards everything to us as she comes across them. I'd be a lot happier if she could just compile one huge email over the course of an hour because then I only have to sift through ONE EMAIL. We haven't had class since Thursday, and I know that she sent us a couple on Friday, too. Relevant information is fine, but this is more than a little ridiculous!

Maybe most of you heard of this already, but there's a jackass who thinks that we could significantly reduce crime by aborting all Black babies. That's a man who used to be Secretary of Education. WHERE DO THESE PEOPLE COME FROM?! Seriously.

If anybody would like to send Kristy letters in Italy, I have her address. Let me know - email at mysticstarshine at yahoo dot com. Don't leave a comment - because this way, I'll send it to you right away instead of forgetting about it!

I don't think I ever mentioned it in here, but on Friday morning, a large white object fell outside of our window when Steph and I were using our respective mirrors to look awesome. My first thought was OMGBOMB!, but it was actually somebody's fan. Apparently it fell out of the window. Anyway, it's still in our window hole. Which kind of makes sense - we're mostly in the ground, so there's a concrete well that's about 4 feet deep or so right outside. But still...you'd think they'd get it back....

In case you're wondering, I don't have much of an opinion about Harriet Miers yet, except that I think she doesn't really know how to wear eyeliner. I mean, I don't really know how to put that shit on without stabbing my eyes, but I know it's not supposed to be that thick!

Talking to Ryan on aim while he's on desk duty is amusing. "Okay, I have to go lay the smack down now, bye!" and I just sit there smiling, imagining the yelling of Ryan. Mwaha.

Anyway, off to study this stupid quiz that this professor has given us absolutely no details about for tomorrow, YES.

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scribbled mystickeeper at 12:46 AM


have you been to the Social Justice Meeting for your church.

If you have and you think its run well, let me know and I will probably call you.



By Blogger Ogre, at 7:56 PM, October 04, 2005  

Jackie, I don't yell, I simply threaten to put them on disciplinary probation. >) I am always kind when I "lay the smack down."


By Blogger Ogre, at 7:57 PM, October 04, 2005  

Unfortunately, I haven't been to the Social Justice thing yet. I couldn't make the first meeting, and their meeting times/contact person are not in the weekly emails, not on the website, and not in the bulletin. I tried asking the guy I send the petitions to, but communications got muddled for a number of weeks there and have only just gotten sorted out. I have yet to hear on when they are.

;_; It sucks, I know. :/ But this way I get more homework done! (Well, theoretically, anyway)

By Blogger Jackie, at 11:32 PM, October 04, 2005  

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