wOct 26, 2005

if we don't continue to struggle, nothing will begin

So now that the Spring timetable is online, I've been poking around....it kind of sucks, though. If I'm accepted into the Journalism school, I am required to take a class that has 2 3-hour labs per week, in addition to a once-weekly lecture. The class is 6 credits (kill me now), and will obviously have a huge affect on the other classes I take. And yet, in all probability, I won't get accepted to the Journalism school next semester and I need an entirely different plan in place.
As if figuring things out isn't already difficult enough, I've been poking around the International Studies major options....I already fulfill half the requirements for any of the four tracks, and there is a lot of overlap with Poli Sci classes. Unfortunately, not many are offered next semester.....But, seriously. Could I do a triple major?! Should I?! Either way, I think I'll be trying to go that route-ish (you can basically take whatever classes you want in the Poli Sci major anyway...I just need advanced level classes) in case Journalism doesn't work out.
Paul says none of it matters 'cause International Studies is a "BS major" (BS meaning bullshit, and not bachelor of science). Well, you know what I say?! PAUL IS BS. But then Paul said that it would kick ass if I triple majored in 3.5 or 4 years. YES. Yes, blog fans of mine, despite my whining, etc. there are plans formulating in the back of my brain. Unfortunately, tonight's study plan took a back seat to them.

Speaking of plots, I've been writing random scribbles for my NanoWrimo Ghost Hunters story. This site is of particular interest.

As promised, various pictures of the zombie protest.

My life path number is apparently 3. I feel like it describes me, but I tend to feel like that a lot. Do they write them that way on purpose?

Apparently Anne Rice has reconverted to being a Catholic? That's pretty cool. I always feel a little weird when Christians of any type use their art "only for the Lord." Does the main character in a story have to go to church every Sunday for the book to be "for the Lord?" I don't think religion is ever mentioned in the Harry Potter books, nor Lord of the Rings, but I would argue that both are Christian books. You're going to hit a pretty small target audience if your entire cast of characters are of the same faith, saying "Lord," "God," and "Father" every other sentence while never doing anything immoral ever.
That said, it might be a cool book. Although, with Anne Rice it's hit or horrifying miss.

Oh, and I just wanted to point out that the "hellish turn for the worse" did indeed occur, yes, less than 24 hours after the post! It's sad when you can predict your life like that.

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