wOct 31, 2005

Halloween 2005

**Pictures are located in an identical LJ post - the text paragraphs are identical to the ones in this blog post, so just look at the pictures and their captions, I guess. Some pictures are massive, so the page is formatted oddly. You'll get over it, I promise. Click here for the pictures that accompany this post. I think this is the first time I've put pictures of me or my friends on the Internet. So....be excited. Or something. The only thing about me that looks normal, though, is my hair. Sort of.

Halloween was a lot of fun this year. I guess I hadn't realized how complicated my Japanese geisha girl costume was going to be, but Steph had thought of all the details and brought me all kinds of stuff. She had to wrap me into the kimono, hehe. The obi wrap that goes around the kimono is surprisingly tight - I'd say just as bad as English corsets - it was shallow breaths all night, and difficult to eat a full dinner. It's kind of strange. I was wearing lots of layers so it didn't really do much to accentuate the feminine figure, but it was still tight. Also, it really sucks not being able to touch your face all night for fear of smearing the white paint. The liquid eyeliner stuff was pretty cool, though. Maybe I should wear eyeliner....anyway. I put my hair up, which I was pretty proud of, and Steph put all of the decorative pieces in it.

Louise was a shinengami from Bleach, and her outfit was pretty kick ass. Steph and Gordon were Raquel and Shannon from Scrapped Princess, and they looked so cute! Unfortunately, my camera ran out of space fairly early on, so I only have one picture of Steph. I'll post links when I have images of Gordon and Louise.

The first event was Anime Club, which was fun. Gordon showed presented his proposal to move the club forums to a different server, and I'm really excited for it. Gordon is so cool! Then we went for chili with Creighton and Carolyn, which was also very much fun. Then we watched a small bit of anime, and then there were contest results for the costume contest. There were a lot of cool prizes from Japan. I won second place! I wasn't expect it at all because there were a lot of really good costumes. I got to pick between two prizes, and I found this really cute book illustrated by CLAMP: Unfortunately, it's in Japanese, but Steph hopes to be able to translate it one day. But the cuteness makes up for this technicality, and there are a lot of illustrations to look at in the mean time.

Apparently there was somewhere around 100,000 people on State Street last night. I was with 6 other people, so things were okay. Many lewd costumes, and lots of 80s costumes this year. Basically what happens during Halloween on State Street is that the sidewalks, and for the most part the street, are packed with people moving from one end to the other, with exceptions for people waiting in lines at bars. Everyone is pretty jovial - if you see a costume you like, you yell out the characters names and exchange exclamations of "Dude! Awesome!" There is a disgusting quantity of tasteless, slutty outfits, though. I cannot fathom why parents take their small children up and down State Street. It is not the place for little kids! Anyway. Met up with drunken high school friends for about 5 minutes, and walked around for a while more. I think we left around 11:00 or so. The cops were very friendly while we were there - they didn't care about underage people being drunk. All they were doing was making sure nobody had any glass with them. We stopped at McDonald's, which was weird because they had a security guard at the door making sure nobody was bringing alcohol inside.

Gordon's house was a lot of fun. Steph's grandpa has a farm, so she had brought pumpkins for everyone to carve. I don't remember ever carving a pumpking....maybe I did some time when I was really little and someone helped me a lot, but it was never really a tradition in our family. Taking out pumpkin guts is disgusting! But anyway, Anime News Network is holding a contest in which you can win a crapload of anime for carving an anime pumpkin. I carved this image on to my pumpkin, 'though I rounded out the breast a bit, 'cause that was kind of weird, hehe. But it turned out surprisingly awesome! I was proud of myself. We were at Gordon's until like, 3:00? I don't even remember. And that's post-Daylights' Savings thing, so it was actually 4:00 or something.
Here is my Sailor Moon pumpkin!

Apparently, though, there was stupid stuff going on on State Street after we left:
Link 1 - containing 5 short "movies" of the police clearing State Street with tear gas after 2:00 am. You could tell who the police were by these blinking red and blue lights they had clipped on their shoulders, as obviously some people dress up as cops for Halloween.
Link 2 - is a Wisconsin State Journal article that explains exactly how the so-called "riot" occurred.
Link 3 - Even CNN covered us, :O
Link 4 - The Daily Cardinal's coverage. Good stuff.

Tonight was fun, too. Steph, Gordon, and I ate dinner at Panera (my first time - it's so good!) and went grocery shopping and hung out at Gordon's. And then was church with Paul and then was eating pumpkin seeds harvested from my/Steph's pumpkins.

Packers, you're killing me! I almost cried when I saw the end clip of the game and Brett was on all fours not getting up. He is my hero, no matter what happens!

I totally forgot to watch West Wing again, but apparently Chad got it on TiVo and we can watch it this weekend. CRISIS AVERTED.

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scribbled mystickeeper at 1:34 AM

VERY hot jackie VERY!

I was amussed about the CNN tidbit thinking....jackie was there causing michief.

good night

By Blogger Ogre, at 1:59 AM, October 31, 2005  

those pumpkins are amazing.

By Blogger MARC, at 10:58 AM, October 31, 2005  

we took our 21 month old daughter down to state street for dinner Sat. night, between 6:30 - 8. She was dressed in costume (we were not), and I have to say it was a lot of fun. Wait until you are a parent, and can no longer 'participate' in a fun party night like Halloween, and you will see it is fun just to get a 'taste' early in the evening.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:45 AM, November 01, 2005  

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