wOct 3, 2005

ghosts are no different than you

There's not much to say, really. I returned to Madison today, obviously. Haven't touched my paper all night, but I'm semi-getting things under control. If only it weren't for that stupid quiz our ethnic studies prof is throwing at us....but oh well. Can't do anything about it. Except freak out about it all day tomorrow.

I tried writing tonight and mostly failed....I could only get out three half-assed paragraphs. But I decided to put up this short little thing that I wrote at the end of May of this year, too. They're both here. The thing from May is kind of embarassing to put up, but I don't care. This is me trying to open the dams of self-doubt and self-censorship due to suckage. You only get better if you practice, and you only practice if you're not scared shitless of sucking. I am not afraid! Nuh-uh.

Anyway, I'm off to continue reading this really good book. I need to read more often. It helps keep me sane, I think.

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