wSep 7, 2005

sober once again

I've spent today living in this strange bubble in which I'm aware and function like I normally do, yet feel like my head is attached to a string and floating away from my body like a balloon or a kite. I didn't drink a gallon of water today. Maybe half a gallon. But....half a gallon is a shitload. Tomorrow, the goal is not to overdose on throat drops. I've stocked up on those and Kleenex. So I think I'll just go to bed early and then spend tomorrow reading and cleaning. Copy editing was tonight, and it was good. Also, I think my Political Theory professor is brilliant. My desk is really messy. And I need to do laundry. :/

Current Music: Tobira no Mukou he - YeLLOW Generation (Full Metal Alchemist OST)
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