wSep 14, 2005

so quiet / another wasted night

Haven't seen Advent Children yet.....It was released in Japan today, I believe. Don't worry, I'm working on it, ;) Here are some screencaps from Last Order. I don't consider them spoilery, since I was right about the plot of Last Order - it's basically all the events at Nibelheim - Sephiroth going nuts and Hojo taking Zack and Cloud. Seriously, though, Hojo looks a little bit too old. I can't even describe how excited I am for Last Order and Advent Children. Like, this is as excited as I was for all of the Harry Potter books and LotR movies and Star Wars movies combined. This is my fandom. As soon as it's done downloading, I'll probably sit and watch it eight times in a row or something. Hell, I probably will be able to. We're not going home this weekend now, and I'm currently a couple days ahead in my homework. I don't know how I'm going to do this, though....I supposedly have about five and a half hours left, but I don't want to wait that long. Can I make myself wait all day tomorrow until classes are done? I only have two of them....I should probably wait, though. Be productive in the morning and then enjoy it. Advent Children, that is. Haven't looked for Last Order yet. *GLEE*

Ugh. I crawled up into bed about two hours ago to read from a book for class, and yeah. I need to not read in bed. Especially after just eating...I feel sick now.

I wrote a bunch, but I've since deleted it because I think if I was fully conscious, I would not say all of those things. So I won't.

I hate online arguments, but we tried bringing up a couple points in the Anime Club forum to try and make things better. But some people get really bitchy about it, and one person is like, withholding series submissions because they're so upset. Normally, I do not shirk from confrontation, but I'm just so tired of it. I don't even know why I bother. I should just go, ignore everyone else, and watch the anime. But of course, I have to sit and think about how things could easily work better, or make more sense.
I have the tendency to upset people by bluntly suggesting change. Would things be better if I didn't speak at all, or would I feel angry at myself, then?
I hate when my perception of myself starts to get defined by the way I think that others see me. That's probably bad.

I think I can discuss one class I had today - my Comparative Politics discussion. Formerly, I had been glad that the classroom had chairs bolted to the floor so we couldn't form groups. But now our room is moving to Social Sciences...which means I have to walk all the way from Weeks Hall to Social Sciences in 15 minutes on Tuesdays. Which sucks a lot. Also, the new room apparently has mobile chairs. And if that wasn't enough, our professor apparently wants to know our names, so we had to get our pictures taken whilst standing beneath our name in chalk.
Why is it that in discussions, I always feel like the TA is taking pity on me when I finally raise my hand to participate? Like, "Oh, she's actually going to try and say something now, so I'll appease her just so we don't have to listen to over-achiever-straight-from-the-book-answer-girl."

God, I'm cynical tonight.

Here are two pictures from chalking. This one is the only slogan that I actually came up with...(wait, I did a Trigun one too....oh well). It's an Eva reference.

This one was going to go in a much less prominent place, but then we walked by the "Men can stop rape" spraypainted thing, and Steph couldn't pass it up. And so, we have this. In the middle of Bascom Hill, which is probably one of the most highly trafficked area on campus. ;D

Current Music: The Burning Bush - Prince of Egypt soundtrack

EDIT: More screencaps from Last Order. Poor Tifa - the angst, ;_; And, you know, all the other characters too.

And I think I read that it's getting released on New Year's Eve here now, instead of November. EB Games better be able to refund my $5 deposit....I just want the freaking DVD and it'd be nice to know when it's coming so I know what city I'll be in. *flips off Square Enix*
scribbled mystickeeper at 1:21 AM

As far as the big anime club goes...
Lately I get really upset whenever I go on the forum. By withholding her submission she's acting like a spoiled little kid.

I'm annoyed enough I want to post that sentiment but I think that the one getting in trouble would be me not her and it would just cause more unhappiness.

So it's not worth worrying about. It would be nice if there weren't so many nasty stupid people involved but such it seems is the way it is. Given the nature of the people in question, it's not worth worrying about what they think.

And Last Order looks so good!! Those screenshots look really cool!

The animation looks like it will be really cool. I've seen one listing for it so far but that's without the subtitles. Hopefully there will be a subtitled version too.

By Blogger Louise, at 9:12 AM, September 14, 2005  

Yeah, I agree. Granted, if it's lifted right from the game, I won't even need subtitles, REHEHEHEHE!

By Blogger Jackie, at 9:52 AM, September 14, 2005  

So much drama in clubs that are supposed to be fun! FRACKERS.

I couldn't stop laughing after I saw that chalking pic of rape.

By Blogger Ogre, at 2:20 PM, September 16, 2005  

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