wSep 30, 2005


Yesterday's Geology quiz wasn't too bad. I wish my TA was less useless and more awesome, but what can you do.

We watched Advent Children last night in SciFi Club....since a lot of people haven't played FF7, I may or may not have made a powerpoint complete with game screencaps and music files that tells viewers what they need to know before watching AC. MWAHAHAHA. Anyway, watching Advent Children on the big screen was pretty cool. If it looks this good on fansub, I can only imagine how beautimous it'll be when I get the DVD at the end of November. I still almost cried at the end. I'm such a sap!

Then, through connections in the UW Anime Club, I went to the midnight opening of Serenity. This is based on Joss Whedon's show "Firefly" that got cancelled. I've never seen any of Firefly, and I was still fine during the movie (although I have the strong desire to watch it now). The movie was very good, and you all should go see it! My favorite characters were River and Mal. Mostly Mal. If I could draw, I would make fanart.

So, after eating 1/5 of the bag of overpriced, bad-tasting popcorn and drinking diluted Code Red, I came back to the dorm. I felt like writing, but my eyes hurt so badly that they felt like they were bleeding, so I figured no.

Now my throat hurts really badly - just like it did a couple weeks ago when I came down with that awful viral...thing...or whatever it was. I'd better not get it again! I'm pretty sure that my grades would plummet if I did.

Anyway, I'm going home today and I'm pretty excited. Julie and Kevin and the Beasts are coming over for dinner! I have plans to restock my supply of things like shampoo (almost wrote 'champloo' there, hehe) and also to spend time in Barnes and Noble. Maybe I'll even play the piano. I've had the strong desire to tinkle around Christmas music lately. I should really play more often, but it's such a pain in the ass to find somewhere to practice here (I absolutely refuse to use the practice room with the huge windows that echoes and everyone and their mother looks in when they walk past) that it's not worth it.

Does this post have a point? I'm going to go with no. Oh well.

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