wSep 6, 2005

New Classes, I Rule, I'm Sick, and Anime

This is really long, but I have a lot to say and I was going to cut some but I didn't want to cut any of it so TOO BAD.

Today I had my first Geology lecture, and that was pretty cool. It's "Life of the Past," so we get to study fossils and lots of other things. The professor is in charge of the geology museum, and we've been encouraged to visit it. I'm taking the course for science credits, and it's geared towards non-science majors, so I'm excited. Even better, Louise, Eunice, and Abby are all in the same class (and Louise is in my lab, :O). So that is very cool. The professor (whose last name is Slaughter, so I already knew he'd be cool) said we will learn about a giant winged bird that would swoop down out of the air and eat horses, among other things. Bwah!

After that, I had my discussion for my Comparative Politics class. We didn't do much other than introducing ourselves with hometowns, majors, and the like, and also what our favorite place we've ever visited was. I said my favorite places were probably New York City and our cottage up in northern Wisconsin. Everyone else in the room had favorite places in Spain, Italy, England, Aruba, South America, and the Carribbean. "Oh, and why were you in ____?" our TA would ask. "Oh, I was vacationing with my parents/friends/it was just a school trip." Dude. My family isn't poor, but we certainly don't vacation in Europe, either. I guess I assumed that more people at this university were like that....but maybe it was just that group of people. The only foreign place I've ever been to is Canada, and even then only about fifteen miles into the country. At least in that class, the chairs are in rows and are bolted the floor, so I don't think it's possible for us to "form groups" and whatever.

The last class of the day was my Comparative Ethnic Studies lecture. I know my campus has a reputation for being OMGLIBERALCESSPOOL but up until now, I really haven't seen it affecting me much. Sometimes professor would make an irrelevant comment or two, but they were very easily filtered. But my professor for this class is extremely liberal. She spent most of the 75-minute lecture telling us about the protests and hunger strikes and building shut-downs that happened at Berkeley in order to start an ethnic studies program. Which is fine. She just....I don't know. The way she talked about the government and universities and everything was like she was of the opinion that absolutely everybody hates minorities and only wants white people to succeed. Granted, there are a lot of jerks out there like that and yeah, some of them probably work in the government. But government is not some iron-clad block of sameness. Government is made up of uncountable facets and layers and to say that it's completely against one ideology or another just She said she became a professor to "get inside the system of academia and change it." She didn't tell us what she wanted to change or why, but if that's what someone wants to do, go for it, I guess. She did make some interesting points, though, especially on Hurricane Katrina and how most of the people left behind were poor minorities who didn't have a choice on whether or not they wanted to evacuate - some people have no cars.
I think that for this class, I'll just try to get my information from the books (which seem good, albeit also extremely liberal and mostly written by Berkeley alumni/staff) and be a filter instead of a sponge when listening to her. Speaking of books, she registered them at Room of One's Own (which will please Gretchen, I'm sure). Except for a book that I've already purchased, it seems like we only have to read small portions of the books we have to buy. It seems a bit frivilous to have to go and buy five more books. But whatever. One of them is Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong, which sounds interesting. I thought that our AP History text was pretty comprehensive - it covered plenty of the injustices of American history and didn't try to gloss over any of the atrocities. But I guess I'll find out if I get enlightened to anything new or not.

After that (hey, it's been a long day), I had two advisor appointments. The Journalism one basically informed me that yes, I can apply for next semester. Yes, there's a good chance I won't get in because I'm a sophomore/my last semester sucked. On the plus side, it's a 3-semester program. The advisor also answered some random questions for me.

The Political Science advisor was a lot more helpful. I told her what I wanted to do and she was counting things up and said that if I get accepted into the Journalism school next semester and haul ass, I could graduate in three years (as in, after next school year is done). And I was like, DUDE. But...chances are that I won't get accepted into the J-School that soon (if ever... :/), and it'd be more appealing to not haul ass and keep a high GPA, so maybe I'll go for 3.5 years instead. Double major in 3.5 years here is pretty damn good. My brother did it too, :O Of course, 3 years would be cool too, but....well, we'll take things slowly. I was asking her how to apply for a Poli Sci major and she was like, "well just go across the hall and fill out the form." So after the meeting, I did! It takes a couple weeks to hear back, but I definitely fulfill all of the requirements. So soon, I will officially be a Political Science major! I was excited, anyway. She also gave me suggestions on future classes to take and how to prepare for Law School (I don't know why I keep asking all these people about Law School - Do I want to go? WTF, could I even handle Law School??).

In other news, voting is currently going on in the online Anime Club forum to determine what will be watched on Saturday nights. A lot of them are voting for old-school shows that they have seen like, three times. Which seems stupid to me. But a lot of the things that people in Anime Club do seem stupid to me, so I guess that's just the way things go.

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I've been feeling progressively sicker that past few days. Right now it's at its worst....I feel like my throat's full of razor blades. If I still feel like this tomorrow morning, I'm going to call University Health Services and see if I can get a throat culture. Or something. I thought it was from the dehumidifier and the a/c making it so dry in our room, but I think it must be more than that. I seriously feel like dying right now, :/ Louise gave me a bag of Ricola throat drops, so hopefully Walgreen's have those so I can pay her back. They kinda do the therapuetic thing, but I don't know if they're making anything better or not.

But, now that I wrote about the entire day, there's one more thing. We watched the Appleseed movie tonight in Anime Club, and I liked it a lot (even though I would've enjoyed a bit more silence!). Also, our Anime Club is growing even though we haven't even had the interest group sign-up meeting yet. Go us.

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scribbled mystickeeper at 10:48 PM

I did read about the word verification thing... too much work though. I just delete the spam for now unless it gets *really* bad.

I hope you feel better though. Being sick at school is not fun. :(

By Blogger Louise, at 11:12 PM, September 06, 2005  

I'm getting sick, too! My lungs feel all papery and dried out, and I'm a snot factory. I think it's a combination of stress and allergies.
I've always wanted to read "Lies...", but I've been told that it's basically a watered-down version of Howard Zinn's "A People's History of the United States of America", which I read for AP History and adore. So you should let me know how that goes. Maybe your prof will calm down a little. Filtering is definitely a positive thing to do in any class.

By Blogger Gretchen, at 12:06 AM, September 07, 2005  

don't sneeze in the copy editing pen basket kthx


By Anonymous you will know me by the trail of dead, at 2:11 AM, September 07, 2005  

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