wApr 24, 2004


Blah. Today's been....blah. Woke up way too early and went and took my placement tests for college. They weren't that bad. I've always done poorly on English reading comprehension sections, ever since 3rd grade. I don't know why...it doesn't make any sense to me, as I consider myself adept at English. But I think I did better on the Spanish reading questions. Oh well. When I got home, it was about 1:30. Since then, I've read History and read all of Daisy Miller (a book we're reading for English). Now I'm waiting for Chad to be done cooking/eating dinner for his family because I want to make him study for the AP exam with me. Because me = geek. Oh, I forgot. I went to the mall and bought the first Evangelion manga. :D I really like it a lot, especially the producer's little letter. So cool. Anyway. I can't decide if I should go start studying or sit around and do nothing. It's a toughy, I'm telling you......
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