wApr 8, 2004


After a test and a quiz, let us all let out a big WOOT because it is Spring Break!!!!!!!! I wish I knew I was working next week....but I'll know tomorrow. ShopKo's been cutting back on hours, so hopefully it won't be a ton. I mean, it's nice to be able to save money, but I have all summer to work! I need a break. After lunch, Lindsey, Lindsay, and I got Subway and ate it at my house while watching Days of Our Lives. Is Marlena the killer?? Who is it?! Maybe we'll find out tomorrow! Oh wait, I work during Days tomorrow! Cruel, cruel irony, why do you mock me?? Heh. I've been really hyper all day...in a good mood, because of Spring Break. No one better ruin it! Hee. We're (we being people from church) going bowling at 3, so I must kill time until then. The end.

Current Music: Sailor Moon (S.A.F. Remix)
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