wApr 7, 2004

Last night I ate dinner at my sister's house. I played outside with Olivia, Dylan, and 'Mia for a while. 'Mia's so cute! She says "'Ackie" now - and the only other thing she says is "Hi!" WOOT. I had to eat quickly, though, because I had Teen Court. Then I came home and did random things....I've been exhausted all day today. I'll be really glad for Spring Break because I'm sick of school. I can't believe we only have 2 months left...and at the same time I can't stand going to school. A playwright came and talked to our English class today, which was really cool. I think that for now, at least, my plan is to get a Masters degree in English and be a college professor. That would be cool, ;D The only uncool part is that I think I'd have to take Education classes... :P But oh well.

Tonight, we're having pizza for dinner at church. And I feel really bad, because my mom was like, "Julie and the kids are coming over for dinner, and we're coloring Easter eggs." Hopefully we'll be able to color the eggs before I go to church. I just hate being put in positions like that, though. Oh well. I'm going to go and get my math homework done....I only have to get through one half day, and then it's SPRING BREAK. Hurrah.
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