wApr 20, 2004

i suck at coming up with titles

I didn't feel very much better when I woke up this morning. I kept hitting the snooze button and crawling back under my covers, hating the day. It was almost like how I get when I get depressed the night before and then wake up the next morning, except I wasn't depressed. I don't know what the hell my problem was. I think it's just because I'm so sick of school. But school actually wasn't that bad today. We had cake during first hour because it was Lindsay's birthday. I got all my math homework done, which was a good thing. We had more cake and cookies in English. English is by far the most boring of all my classes....well....no, it is. And it kind of sucks that since the beginning of this semester (which was some time in January, right?), all we've gotten back is two grades. One of which, we corrected ourselves. I mean....it's not as bad as it was first semester - in first semester, it kind of defeated the whole purpose of becoming a better writer, as we couldn't see our mistakes until three papers later. Now, it doesn't matter so much because the skills don't really build. It's just annoying to go four months and have no clue what you're getting. But oh well, these grades don't matter and so long as I pass, I get credit for the class and everything's all hunky-dory.

I'm also not sure if there was supposed to be a meeting for the paper or not today...the advisor never showed up in the room, so I'm assuming not. I could really be a much better leader of the paper, but you know, nobody who writes for it cares either, so rather than get all demoralized, I'll focus my energies elsewhere (like...reading books and watching the news? Sounds good.).

Tonight will be spent like most nights. Watching Oprah, watching the local and national news, and eating dinner at some point. Oprah always has the power to make me almost-cry. And watching the news usually stimulates at least some intelligent conversation between me and my parents, unless my mom gets all pissed at my dad, as she sometimes does when discussing politics. Anyway. I'm going to go for now. The end.
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