wApr 25, 2004


I kind of burned out today and I'm not sure why. Church was weird, for one thing. I kept thinking about horrible, painful things. I didn't think about them voluntarily....the images just kept bombarding me. I didn't feel depressed, though, as I normally do (my brain goes into a strange visual-streaming-overload when I'm feeling intensely emotional, such as depressed or creative). I just felt kind of sick. I came home and ate lunch, and then my mom went to my aunt's house for a couple of hours. I was lying on the couch, telling myself I'd read a chapter of the book I'm reading (which is really good, by the way) and then mapping out how I would go do my law project, and other various things. Somehow I ended up falling asleep, and I lied (?) there from about 1:30 until 3:30. And now, here I am. I just want to get my law project done. I should be able to accomplish this before Youth Liturgy. It's not due until Friday, but I want to have it done. I'm glad that I at least got my English and History homework done yesterday. Meh. I love Youth Liturgy, it's just that some nights I feel like staying home and not being around people. Oh well, I'm going to do my project now.
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