wApr 11, 2004

The heavens are telling the glory of God, and all creation is shouting for joy! Come dance in the forest, come play in the field, and SING, SING to the glory of the Lord!

Yesterday was a good day, despite working 9.25 hours. After work I came home for about an hour, changed and what-not, and then went to church for Easter Vigil, which included Ashley's Confirmation. It was so awesome.....a lot of people processed into the dark church with our little white candles in the plastic cups. I love that....it's pitch dark in there with the lights off, but when everybody's small little candle is shining, the church is as bright as it would be with the lights on. It gives me hope, I guess. I was talking to Carrie a bit before mass, about how lately it's seemed like there's been one...piece of crap of life right after another. But she said, "Well that's why we have to be Jesus to each other." And I said, "Yeah, light my candle, and maybe a couple others. Better than nothing." And it so is. It was a little sad, because the mass was dedicated to Matt....when Father Jim was in the middle of consecrating and said....whatever they say for who the mass was offered..."We pray now for those who have died, especially for Matt...." then it hit me again. It does that a lot. I wonder if it's always like that when someone you know dies.....like you're just all normal and then all of a sudden you think, Matt killed himself and it's like a brand new idea. I'm not sure. I felt sad at first, but then I looked at the cross, which was all lit up with the material accenting it from behind, and I didn't feel sad any more.

Mass was beautiful....I love Easter Vigil. We read the Creation story, and then Moses parting the Red Sea and then a bunch of readings about prophets - Ezekiel, Isaiah, and others. Multiple stories of God's power conquering darkness, slavery, evil. And then, obviously, Mary Magdalene walking to Jesus' tomb and finding the stone rolled away. An angel sitting on top of it, telling her that Jesus conquered death. I love Easter. Good Friday is like, the darkest day of the year. But then, the power of God allows Jesus to conquer sickness, blindness, loneliness, death, evil. Even if you don't believe in God or Jesus....I think we can all appreciate the fact that no matter how bad things get...no matter what darkness we must travel through or how long we must suffer alone...light always defeats dark. As it says on my sidebar - "All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle." Rejoice, blog-readers.

After mass, a bunch of us were talking, and then Carrie's husband Bob said, "Let's go to (a restaurant near the church)!" And we all did. Me, Jennifer, Heather, Sarah, Ashley, Shane, Andy, Shane's parents, Carrie and Bob, Father Jim, Father John, Deacon Manny, and so many people from church. It was like, 11, so we were the only ones there. It was so...awesome. We ate mozzerella (don't care how it's spelled, :P) sticks and donuts and chicken wings, and it was awesome. Father John sat by us, and so did Carrie. Our little booth sang, among other things. I love everyone from church......I'm going to miss them so much when I leave for college. I'm going to be really sad when Father John leaves our church, too. (He's an associate priest....our church is really big, so we always have Father Jim, and then another new priest for a couple years until the new priest gets his own church). I didn't want to leave....I love everyone! At the end, I was asking Father John if he'd read the letter to the editor in The Compass that had prompted me to write last week, and also initiated my mom telling me writing letters was stupid. As soon as I mentioned it, he said, "Write it." I told him my mom thought it was stupid and I had gotten upset with her, and he just kind of put his arm around my shoulders and said, "Write it." And, well, I'm not about to disobey my priest, am I??? No! People are coming over at 1, and I want to cruise the internet, but either tonight or tomorrow morning....I'm writing and sending a good letter to The Compass, and hopefully they'll print it. Gah. I'm so full of emotions right now....it's times like these that make me sad that I'm going to be going to college in just a few months. Not sad, just....somber. I don't know. I guess it'll be really nice to keep remembering that I have so many people to come home to, though - my family (I'm going to miss the kids so much!), all my friends and some people from school, and everyone from church. I love life.

Alright, well I'm going to go now. I'm in a really peaceful mood. I'm just glad I'm not......extremely happy. Usually when I get so happy that I feel like I'm high, then it's like I overload or something and I always get really depressed shortly afterwards. But I don't feel like that right now. It's true joy, I guess, to know that darkness isn't just around the corner - me and my candle are going to keep it away from a while. ^_~

In other news, after redoing the den, my dad has gotten the old record player to work again, and crappy music is filling the house. The end.

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