wApr 13, 2004

he says as he looks in the mirror, he can't tell any more, who he really is and who they believe him to be...

So, I did end up going out to lunch with Youth Liturgy people yesterday, and it was a good time. We went to Perkins. I love Youth Liturgy people! After that, I came home....what did I do? I don't remember. But at some point, my mom and I went to one of the small libraries in town. I didn't get anything, because the computers were down so I couldn't find out if they had the book I wanted in or not (Ella Enchanted). Then we picked up some dinner things from a deli, and Mom dropped me off at Julie's so I could eat. Olivia and Dylan ate my cole slaw and potato salad, and 'Mia crawled around pulling her heliocopter on a swing. Then Julie and I went to this book club thing at church. It was my first time going, but I liked it. Maybe I should have felt self conscious because I'm pretty sure I was the only one under the age of 30, but I didn't. Everyone read all the time and loved talking about good books and going off on tangents - just like me! So I liked it. And I actually knew a lot of the people from various things. Except one of them was the mom of a guy that Brianna dated for a while, so that was a little weird, but oh well. One of them is the old college credit English teacher! She remembered my brother, hehe (my brother wrote an essay in that class comparing the teacher's husband to a doorknob for a writing assignment they were supposed to do personifying an inanimate object). Anyway. That was really cool and I'm definitely going to keep going. Then I came home, and Mom said Kristy and Chad had been over, so I went to Chad's house. They had rented Final Fantasy X again, so we played that. It's alright so far, I guess. The storyline hasn't exactly pulled me in, and so far I don't really care for any of the characters. Especially Lulu! She needs to get some modesty, holy crap. Then we watched two episodes of The West Wing because that's a quality show. Jake came over for a while, too. And now, here I am. I slept in until about ten this morning, and it felt really good. And now I'm going to go shopping with my mom at the big mall that's kinda far from here. Apparently there will be some good outlet stores? Hopefully. My mom is all adamant that I need a new spring dress for all these senior banquet things I'm going to be going to. It's really weird to think that when we go back, there will only be six weeks left. I mean, I'm ready for school to be done yet, but a small little part of me is afraid of school going away. The rest of me wins, though. Anyway. I'm going to go get my history book to bring in the car....maybe I'll actually accomplish something today!

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