wApr 9, 2004

break down these walls, take up my brokenness, rebuild me to shelter your name

So, today was alright, I guess. I worked until three, and then I came home and pretty much read for three hours straight. It felt really good - I haven't done that in a while. Then I went to the Good Friday service with Ryan, and we sat by Carrie and Bob. It was nice...I like Good Friday. It makes faith real to me...Father Jim's Homily was awesome, too. He talked about faith, and described bad things for a while - bad feelings, hopelessness, and despair. And he said that not only did Jesus die on the cross, enduring all that he did, but he still feels all of our pain, since we're part of him. And our sin does that, too. Not only does he feel it, but he transcends it - he was whipped and beaten and crucified and defeated.....but then he was resurrected, and darkness was defeated. That just....gives me so much hope. Wow.

And on a completely random note, I'm a little...disheartened. I was supposed to work from 11am to 5:15pm, but then a manager asked me if I would mind working on the sales floor instead of cashiering, and I said no, so then she was like, "Okay, can you come in at 8 and do that until 11?" And of course, I said yes. I don't have anything to do anyway. But I'm not sure if she realized I'm not 18 yet, because I'm pretty sure it's illegal for me to work that long. But, oh well. More money in the bank, right? Right. Who the heck am I kidding?? 8 o'clock in the morning until 5:15 at night is heinous. I'll basically get up, work, go home and curl up and then go to Easter Vigil. And, well, Easter Vigil should be pretty cool, actually. Ashley's getting Confirmed, and everyone in Youth Liturgy's going to be her "family," since her real family's not attending. And the mass is being dedicated to Matt. There's supposed to be a choir that's going to be really good. Yeah, so hopefully that'll serve as a much-needed pick-me-up after work. Blarrrrgh....it wouldn't be so bad if I cashiered first....because working the sales floor is actually kind of fun, and you don't have to constantly deal with people. Oh well, it's only work. I find that when I work, I tend to eat a lot less. Usually on Saturdays, I have a small breakfast and then just something small out of the vending machines. So if nothing else, maybe I'll lose weight! Yes, because that should be my highest priority. Anyway. Seeing as I have to work at 8, I decided to stay home tonight. Not that anyone's doing anything anyway. I need to go eat something, the end.

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