wMar 14, 2004


Today was spent working, and then at the youth mass. Work didn't schedule me AGAIN for next week, so I left a note with the manager who makes the schedules. It's a very polite note! So hopefully I can find out why the hell I'm suddenly only an every-other week whore, which mysteriously started after the one time I ever called in sick because I had a dry socket! Yeah. Sarah gave a 3-minute talk today at mass at it OWNED. Setting fire to the baptismal font did not so much own, because only two of the like, 9 mounds of sand lit. >O Hopefully we'll make up for it at Pentecost. After that, we went to Panchero's...we being me, Kristy, Sarah, Lindsey, Tom, and Jason (Tom and Jason are home for Spring Break, :D). After that, I went to Chad's house and we watched Charlie Chaplin's "Great Dictator" (I think that's the name...something like that). Very good. Very bold. But my favorite was the speech at the end. Beautimous.

But, the whole reason for this post: Let freedom ring.

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